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Last Friday night a friend came to stay (hi Jo!) and we stayed up knitting and talking into the night. She was knitting socks and I bemoaned it had been such a long time since I'd knit socks, which lead us to look through my sock yarns, a bin full of neglected wonderfulness. I felt inspired by Jo's calm constancy as she knit her sock and by the time she headed home I knew there would be sock on my needles before the end of the day.


Hey look! I'm knitting socks! Instead of using one of the many processed yarns in my stash, I went with a gorgeous handspun from the divine Ms Cookie. The color, the texture, the feel of this yarn is something special and, if all goes well, there may soon be a new pair of socks in my future.

I have not forsaken Chicane. There should be a report on that front soon.


That shade of blue reminds me of your sky. Enjoy your sock knitting!

Sometimes . . . ya just gotta knit socks! What lovely yarn! (And I am delighted by your "neglected wonderfulness." I think I have some of that myself!)

What a beautiful color and, handspun! Such wonderfulness. Socks are such good warm weather knitting, too. Enjoy them and today is not only the very first day of May (we'll be in the 40's this weekend), but it's also Hump Day! Happy Hump Day, my friend!!!

One always oughta have a sock on one's needles.

Welcome back to your sock mojo! The color is reminiscent of Spring!

You and that beautiful yarn will make beautiful socks! Happy Knitting!

Beautiful sock yarn and the joy of knitting with a gift from a friend!

What a lovely sky sock you're knitting! :)

Our Joan did a wonderful job with that fiber. All yarn magic credit goes to her.

I hope you enjoy your time with my slightly wonky homemade yarn. xo

Super fun & bright!

Utah Blue! An awesome way to pass the minutes and hours.

So glad you're knitting socks! Looking forward to seeing them when you're done. Such a pretty color.

Wonky yarn indeed. *sheesh*
The socks will be awesome.

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