Knitting Commitment
As Weather Allowed


Spring days have run the gamut from hot and sunny, to cool and gray, with an afternoon thunderstorm, or two, thrown in for good measure.

It's been awhile since I've shared a mountain view.


This week has turned out to be unexpectedly busy and we haven't had many nights together. Tonight and tomorrow night we're calling "date nights", as next week could turn out to be crazy, busy, too. If the weather holds, our date could be working in the garden, but since it's a lovely place to be, we're just fine with it. We also need to work on the garden area in front of our house, as it is in need of a face lift. Hopefully we'll have time to give it a quick sprucing up, too.

The weekend weather is expected to be cooler and wetter, which is fine, as this spring has been dry. No matter what the weather, no matter what we end up doing, I'm ready for the weekend. How about you?


I'm always ready for the weekend! We've had some crazy busy weeks, too, and I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight.

May seems always to be a crazy-busy kind of month! Hope you enjoy your gardening date. What a great way to spend time together. Enjoy your weekend!

Bring on the weekend!!! As long as it doesn't rain, Texas has a list of farm chores and I'll be taking care of a gaggle of new baby geese and turkeys. Hopefully, that involves plenty of supervising while knitting. :D Hope your weekend brings you everything you want and need.

Totally ready for the weekend. This has been a long week here too!

We're getting some rain right now, and it is also needed here. I'm ready for the weekend, which begins just a few hours early today and includes an o'night "date" in Milwaukee!

We need rain desperately - hopefully we get more of the rain that's in the forecast.

We've also not seen much of each other this week and are debating yard or hike. Maybe one day of each? Have a wonderful weekend!

Larry's all booked up for the weekend with one project or another, and I've got plenty of projects stacked up myself.

Oh, dear lord, grrl, I am so ready.

Dates are soooo important. Fireman and I went out to dinner alone tonight. IT was so good to be together without cell phones, telephones, tv and internet. WE talked. WE didnt say " wait on second" while we attended to another thing. :)

Wait, it's the weekend already!

ALWAYS ready, often overcommitted, and rarely get it all done. It is a life.

Ah and a three day weekend is coming up! I am trying to finish all my grading so I can cruise into the weekend with an empty "in" basket. We have a garden to finish putting in and an area for our chicken coop to clear out. Chickens, Margene! Are we crazy?!

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