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Popping Out

The early blossoms of Spring have come and gone, but the fragrant, showy flowers are just starting to bloom. The scent of lilacs nearly assaulted me as I walked past. The bush is near to bursting with beauty.

It may still be early, but the pungent scent of cloves let me know the pinks were ready to burst into bloom.

Many pink puffed trees grace the grounds of our condo, but I know not what they are. All I know is when in full bloom they are breath taking balls of pink and the petals create a pink carpet that cover the ground when they fall.


What is there to say about this delicate, silent beauty, this ephemeral little flower that hides in the shade? I am so please when I am able to catch sight of it when it blooms under the neighbors tree.

The big questions of the day is...what happened? Late blooming daffodils fill a garden of tulips on the wan. It's curious, but their bright faces make me smile. Spring, the best of spring, fills they eyes everywhere you look.



Your spring is sooooo much further along than ours. The grass is just getting green and the trees are budding.

Gorgeous!! It's another weird weather/blooming year, for sure... and always beautiful.

your pretty pink tree is an ornamental cherry--it doesn't bear fruit just pretty flowers, I have one right outside my window!!! Wish I had lilacs, but not near my apartment!

The next to last picture, pink flowers that grow under the tree - those are called "Bleeding Hearts". My grandmother had those (in Iowa) when I was a little girl...fond memories. Alas, they don't grow in the heat of Louisiana.

wonderful photos. I'm pretty sure that the trees with the pink flowers are cherry :-)

The cherry blossoms belong to the Kwanzan cherry tree. I have one and love their pom-pom like blooms. Their color pops esp on a gray day.

Your flower photos today are lovely! I especially love the lilacs - ours are almost there but not quite yet.

My (Gary's) lilacs are further along than yours, but my pinks are all still just buds.
So pretty!

You are about 2 weeks behind us. Our lilacs are done, but there are plenty more flowers to come. I do adore spring, and it is Thursday!!!!

Beautiful photos! I just bought a Bleeding Heart plant to look for a shady spot to plant it in.

I love this time of year! The blooms and blossoms are just stunning! :-)

So much nicer than my tree full of bees. I think the person who planted the bulbs had a plan that worked well.

Beautiful! SPring is so worth waiting for.

So pretty! Ours are mostly gone now, but they were delightful while they lasted.

B3eautiful photos! The lilacs are so wonderful!

IS natures display extra beautiful this year because it is so late? It seems everything is blooming at the same time. Ic annot wait for the warm temps due here tomorrow in CHicago!!

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