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Knitting Commitment

I might be onto something, but I haven't quite made a commitment. As of late, decision making hasn't been my strong suit. I haven't quite talked myself into finishing Chicane, although one seam is complete and another pinned. Seaming a sweater together has never been a problem, it's part of the process of creating a nice fitting sweater. I need to "just do it". But, ah, there's the rub.


Speaking of nice fitting sweaters, I might be onto something else. I haven't quite decided to make a commitment to the new project, as I feel the old one (Chicane) is hanging over my head. I am not good with WIPs. They bother me, eat at me, and I have learned to not give them that chance, and therefore, I eschew knitting altogether. (In full disclosure, I do have a couple of projects in UFO status, but as soon as I can I'll decide whether they stay or go.)

Another thing I might be onto is taking the Crasty class that goes along with Amy Herzog's new book.  It would be fun to learn more of the ins and outs of fitting a sweater to perfection. I've been reading the book and have watched Amy's introduction to the class, but now I need to commit to actually knitting the sweater. My biggest problem, and one almost everyone understands, is time.


When I struggle to get a project finished, I tend to just start another one to take my mind off the UFO. ;)

Time, time, time! I know what you mean! Love that color for you.

Yes, it is a devil of an obstacle. I'm more like Marilyn of the comments....

Time.. especially when the weather has just begun to be beautiful, and spring is popping out everywhere.... yes. more please.

And about the only thing I lean toward is focusing on the process, not the completion. (because I almost always DO eventually complete... unless it got ugly-itis somewhere along the way, then I rip). I really do love the feel of yarn in my hands, and watching the stitches emerge.

I hear you, sister. I wish my knitting and handmaking time came close to the amount of things I dream of doing--it is even worse in warm weather, when gardening and outside activity are on the list

Oh yeah... that pesky "time" thing. We all need to request some more!

Gorgeous color. That red is just so perfect.

Yes, Dear, but it sounds like you have a plan. And, it's finally Hump Day.

Is it Friday yet??

Time is a universal problem, that's for sure. I think the craftsy class would be a good investment of your time, though.

Loved all the responses to this post! I am thinking about the craftsy class myself (and definitely encouraging my students to take it). as for UFO's and WIP's...I'm trying to let myself be more open to simply knitting what I want. when I want. this is what I do for fun, right?

Oh! That red!
(And the class sounds completely intriguing!)

That Mick Jagger...what did he know. Time is not on our side! ;-)

I sprung for Amy's Craftsy class -- loved it. I've always been a fan of her work! I have the book, too, and am looking forward to crafting the perfect-for-me sweater... this fall.

That class looks terrific, as is your red yarn. What is it?

After your year of sweaters, I believe you can do anything - given the time. That darn time thing gets in the way of so many activities we find worthwhile. Well, so does that work-thing! Your yarn is lovely, indeed.

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