Years Ago

As Weather Allowed

Throughtout the weekend the weather would threaten with dark and stormy skies and on and off rain, but within the hour we would be treated to skies of clear blue. We gardened as we could, planting seeds and starts, slowing filling the ground with good to eat crops.

Our main crop of the moment is the good old weed, but we made good headway and the garden is looking great. There are a few seeds (and maybe a couple more tomato plants) we'd like to add.
The chives are blooming and I'll be garnishing many a dinner with the flowers this week. I picked a small bouquet to keep in the kitchen and will harvest as I need. I'm looking forward to a summer of good eating!

How did your weekend go?


Like you, I spent the weekend in my garden. So much to do this time of year . . . but, WOW! So worth it!

Beautiful stormy skies! It makes a great back drop for your green community gardens.

Pretty chive shot! We had a fun weekend, went to an open house at a local brewery, had our first fire in the fire pit, and yesterday Hannah and I went out for shopping and sushi!

It rained a lot - we went from scarily high fire danger at this point last week to being under a flash flood watch today!

Oh, gorgeous dramatic sky! That's in my forecast for the next couple of days. Sounds like you made the best of everything! My weekend went pretty well, thanks.

Climbed the local mountain, shared a meal with my Dad, a little run, graduation party and watched some Bruins hockey. The garden will have to wait until next weekend! Beautiful photograph Margene!

I love the gardening time of year - look at those clouds over your mountains! Glad to hear you got some rain for those new plants!

Cool picture. Im waiting for thunderstorms..I LOVE them.

I need your favorite chive recipes. I planted chives by seed and they are just now up..

Those are great photos!

A bouquet of chives? Love it! We still have tomatoes and squash that need to go in. I just couldn't get it all done last weekend and it's a good thing. We're going to see the temps drop quite a bit in the next couple of days. I hope it's not headed your way.

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