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sunrise April 4th tell you other than about my weekend. But, alas and alack, I feel there isn't much time today.
Last week I lost my blog voice
One silent day lead to the next
It felt ok to be away, to be with myself
to read, to cook, to play with the new refrigerator
to watch the weather as the days went from rain, to shine, to rain.
There was even an evening of thunderstorms over the mountains, which we could clearly hear, while we stood in the sunshine.
I have been knitting (a little)
but reading quite a bit, which includes listening,as well
It feels good to be back. I will try to stick around, but I am never far away anyway.

Weekending with Amanda


That's a lovely shot. We had a thunderstorm last week, so strange for this time of year. We're looking at some mild weather for the next day or so but then it's going to be cold again by the end of the week.

love that you get to see the sunrise over a mountain. it's so much more dramatic!

Well said, dear. Well said.

A little time off can be a good thing...but then we miss you! :)

It -IS- okay to be away, and be by yourself, if that's what calls to you.

Oh, I sure love that view. ;)

Blogging is overrated. Live and make every day count. You'll share when you're ready. xo

You gotta do whatcha gotta do! :)

Looks like life is pretty good, blogging or not. What a beautiful shot up there Margene!

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