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Lovely Weekend

Smith wears this hat often and he always recieves comments both pro and con, but this weekend, everyone was a Boston fan. Go Soxs!
The weekend was a mix of weather from pouring rain to clear blue skies.
I rather enjoyed running Saturday's errands while driving in and out of rain squalls.
Smith's niece was in town for a quick overnight visit.
I threw together a dinner of coconut milk marinated chicken (if you'd like particulars I'll share via email) accompanied by  big pan full of roasted veggies. It was all very good!
The goldfinches fliting around the big pine tree outside my front window were very entertaining.
The lettuce in the carport garden is far enough along we'll be able to enjoy our first salad tonight.
I did a little knitting and a lot of reading.
Is it really Monday?

Weekending with Amanda


It's a brutal Monday - I have to go to work instead of slathering on sunscreen and going to the beach!

Aren't the goldfinches wonderful? It's so nice to see those bright colors in my dull landscape this time of year!

After the last week, I'm hoping for a quiet work week. I am not about to complain after seeing how quickly everything can be taken away. And, aren't the goldfinches beautiful? Lots of baby activity in my back yard. I love spring even if it's more than a tad weird this year;-p

Homegrown salad! That's sure encouraging...

Receive comments on my hat as well, the same but the blue version(didn't know Smith was a fan as well,Go Sox).
Would indeed love to enjoy the coconut chicken recipe. Thank you so much.

Sounds like a near perfect weekend!

Sounds like a lovely weekend! We are (crazily) under another winter storm watch...

The coconut chicken sounds marvelous! I just made a pseudo-thai coconut rice with some. I've found I much prefer the taste of it over soy or almond milk. Just a weirdo here. It's nice to have time to do what you love.

I'm glad everyone was a Boston fan this past weekend. frankly, I'm over all those petty rivalries. It's time we were all just. Americans. the rest of your weekend sounds lovely, too. thank you for sharing!


Is it only Monday?

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