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Garden Duty


Smith has been working and I am left to garden watering duty. The weekend weather could not have been more beautiful and it was a joy to be outdoors. The garden is
slowly coming to life, as the sun has finally had a chance to warm the ground. 


The carport garden is growing like gangbusters and the okayama lettuce is ready to harvest. We had fresh salad greens for dinner and it won't be long before before there will be radishes for garnish.

How does your garden grow?

Walk On


The goal per day is 10,000 steps, which translates to around 5 miles. There are busy days I find reaching that number to be a challenge. My workday breaks have been spent walking around the building as many times as time allows, which helps to increase the number. The picture above shows my step count after my lunch break walk and, if I'm able, I take an afternoon walk. Afterwork I make up the rest by adding as many steps possible. I love to break the 10,000 step mark, a good daily goal.

I get a kick out of watching the number climb on the pedometer, which is a square (6th generation) iPod Nano. I never have made friends with this tiny, hard to handle iPod (I have 3 others so it matters not), but it's perfect as a pedometer. The point is to use whatever incentive works best to get you moving. It's entertaining (and rewarding) to watch the step number climb and to see just how far I can go.

Do you track your exercise in anyway? Does it help as an incentive? This is the perfect time of year to get your walk on!

Just Buckle Down

Yesterday's ToT topic left with a strong desire to start something new instead of dithering over my current knitting. It's been days since I've picked up Chicane and there isn't any reason for the lost momentum. Yes, there is the ebb and flow of usual habits, but this lack of will for knitting has me curious. What is it that's stopped any forward progress when I'm just hours from finishing? One side seam has been sewn and it wouldn't take much to set in a sleeve. But, stopped I am.


I wonder if, in part, it's due to the decisions yet to be made about the front closure or the fear of the sweater not fitting or separation anxiety, which often happens when a long-term project is finished. OR, it could just be spring fever.


Over the weekend I wound the glorious red yarn in the hopes it would ignite my knitting will. But, still, it sits, untouched. The week has been busy, and the weekend was, too. Thank goodness for SnB or I'd never take a stitch (or so it seems). Tonight I'll be home with time to relax and time to sit, which could do the trick, could give me back the desire to pick up the needles and KNIT!

Past and Future


The photograph has nothing to do with today's post. It's just for Carole, as she's lived like Jimmy Buffet for a week and is having a difficult transition back into normal life. But, lucky Carole also has an interview with Amy Herzog on her blog today (as well as a book give away!). I'm currently awaiting Amy's new book so I'm very interested to hear what they both have to say. Today's ToT is 10 Favorite Sweaters and I've opted to split my list into favorites I've made and (possible) future faves.


1. Henley With A Twist is the hands down favorite of all the sweaters in my cupboard. It's comfortable, looks great, fits great and I love, love, love the yarn. It's Kim's Opulence, a yarn with a perfect feel, perfect wearablity and durability, and it's as elegant and beautifully dyed as a yarn can be.

2.Miss BB is the warmest sweater of my favorites and I love the way it fits, the big collar and the cables. I enjoyed knitting Miss BB and still enjoy wearing her.

3. Wisteria was a pleasure to knit and I remember how much I enjoyed watching the way the vines fell into place as I followed the pattern instructions.

4. Sprossling is another favorite, in part, because of Kim's beautiful yarn, both the color and the content. While the sweater is lightweight and lacy, it's also warm and comfortable. The design is classic and I can actually wear it all year round (given the state of a/c in summer).

5. Baby Surprise Sweater is another fun to knit project and one that's always a nice surprise once you figure out its origami like construction.

And then there is the future...

6. I'm always looking for nice looking lighter weight sweaters (call me picky) and I was thrilled to see Cayley in the latest Twist Collective.

7. If I'm knitting a sweater in the round I would rather do a round yoke from the bottom, than a top-down pattern. EZ's Percentage sweater is the perfect way to get a proper fit and based on that there are so many great patterns, such as Kirsten's Beach Street Park or Grettir from the new BT 13.

8. Afterlight is on my list, as I love the detailing and the lighter weight which may be wearable year round.

9. Burr is, also, on my list as a warm and jacket sweater would be very comfortable.

10.I'd love a big comfy sweat-shirty style sweater, like Agnes, but raglan sweaters just don't fit me well. I'm on the prowl for a pattern more to my liking, or I may just resort to doing my own thing.

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favorite sweater pattern?

Lovely Weekend

Smith wears this hat often and he always recieves comments both pro and con, but this weekend, everyone was a Boston fan. Go Soxs!
The weekend was a mix of weather from pouring rain to clear blue skies.
I rather enjoyed running Saturday's errands while driving in and out of rain squalls.
Smith's niece was in town for a quick overnight visit.
I threw together a dinner of coconut milk marinated chicken (if you'd like particulars I'll share via email) accompanied by  big pan full of roasted veggies. It was all very good!
The goldfinches fliting around the big pine tree outside my front window were very entertaining.
The lettuce in the carport garden is far enough along we'll be able to enjoy our first salad tonight.
I did a little knitting and a lot of reading.
Is it really Monday?

Weekending with Amanda

Taking a Bath

While I in the process of knitting the second front of Chicane, I decided to treat the other pieces to a bath. Just as when you take a bath, knitting relaxes, and all the parts feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

A warm soak does Beaverslide good as it plumps and softens the fiber, giving it a chance to live up to its full potential. It's all the more loveable after a bath.  Mynewbasket

What's a grrl to do when it's cold and miserable outdoors and she wishes to create a little sunshine in her life?  Well, this grrl bought a new basket to carry my beloved knitting. The basket was woven in Ghana, but I found it at the grocery store!

Growing Garden

Smith has worked to spread the word of gardening and has been working, in every way he can to help the community garden grow. At this point there are around 50 gardens with many more gardeners involved (whole families in some cases).

The children of a nearby elementary school have decided they want to learn to garden and they've put forth considerable effort (as have their parents) to get their garden ready. All six grades are involved, each with a section ready to plant. Some have built paths, others different shapes to add interest, as well as trellis for vines. Much to their delight, Smith gave them a couple of left over scare crows. 

Sunday was very chilly and, to make it worse, quite breezy, but the sky, which started out a brilliant blue, filled with interesting cloud patterns. A storm, yet another, is on the horizon. Spring just hasn't taken hold.

Dreaming-Step One

While I knit the second front of Chicane, I'm dreaming about where to go once she's finished. At first, I thought looking ahead wasn't very process oriented as I always think of myself as a process knitter. However, isn't part of the process of knitting visualization and planning for a project? Precious knitting time could be lost if an idea hasn't been formulated and necessary supplies gathered. At least that's the story I've concocted, and I plan to stick with it (for now).


While I'm not one to abandon a project and keep around a UFO, I'm not feeling very kindly towards Quill. The border I have worked on forever and ever, and may be working on forever and ever more, has an error that may not be able to be fudged. Before facing the miles of frogging, or figuring out what the long term repercussions of ignoring the mistake will be, I've decided to move on and knit something bright and cheery.

Cookie's red cashmere/silk handspun is calling to me, and while I'm worried about the delicacy of the yarn, I'm compelled to cast on. I've decided on Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits and, hopefully, I won't chicken out. The next sweater project in my dreams is Clayton from BT Winter 13. I have a yarn in my stash that could be suitable, but a swatch will need to be knit, washed and blocked before any true decision is made. I may take time to cast on and begin that part of the process, as I want to be prepared to take the next step.

On another note, I'm ridiculously bummed that Google ran off and abandon Google Reader well before the announced date of demise. I was already in a state of grief over loosing my iGoogle page and seeing Reader die has left me with a real feeling of abandonment.Will Google be a nail in the coffin of blogs everywhere? Feeds can be exported and imported into other readers, but I'm not sure how many followers will bother. While I've tried Bloglovin' and Bloglines, I've settle on Feedly, which isn't perfect, but it is easier to organize my feeds than with the two other readers. I hope you find something that works for you and you'll still come by to read my blog.

Walk With Me Wednesday

It's been a year since Judy took us on one of her Wednesday walks but, today, I thought I'd reprise her original thought with a walk through my neighborhood. I found some wonderful surprises along the way.

The first surprise I found was a field of violets hiding in the grass, their little purple faces dancing in the breeze.  


I'm rather partial to violets, as they look so delicate, but year after year they return, for just a short time, to catch the eye of someone who isn't in a hurry.

The next treasure I found on my path was the blossom covered branches of a smallpatio tree, as they waved in salute to the sun.

The path heads into a subdivision where there were many signs of the children wholive there. The child who drew this little vignette may have a future as an artist. The picture certainly made me take notice and smile.

Other surprises along my way were tulips on the verge of blooming, a forsythia bush in its wild, crazy delight of bright yellow glory, and this:


It may not look like much to you, as it's not something you pass by every day, but it's the playground in our condo complex and a simple change in its appearance caught my eye. Atop each post is a ball, a ball of sand, as they turned out to be. Who thought to do this? I thank them for bringing a bit of delight to the eye who had the time to notice. I smiled the rest of my way home.