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The goal per day is 10,000 steps, which translates to around 5 miles. There are busy days I find reaching that number to be a challenge. My workday breaks have been spent walking around the building as many times as time allows, which helps to increase the number. The picture above shows my step count after my lunch break walk and, if I'm able, I take an afternoon walk. Afterwork I make up the rest by adding as many steps possible. I love to break the 10,000 step mark, a good daily goal.

I get a kick out of watching the number climb on the pedometer, which is a square (6th generation) iPod Nano. I never have made friends with this tiny, hard to handle iPod (I have 3 others so it matters not), but it's perfect as a pedometer. The point is to use whatever incentive works best to get you moving. It's entertaining (and rewarding) to watch the step number climb and to see just how far I can go.

Do you track your exercise in anyway? Does it help as an incentive? This is the perfect time of year to get your walk on!


I have one of those tiny, not-terribly-functional iPods, too. So tiny! I only use it for audiobooks . . .and the pedometer feature. Because I listen to books while I work toward my 10,000 step goal. Step lively!

I'm so glad to hear you are walking a lot now, good for you! I track my exercise with two different apps on my iPhone. I use My Fitness Pal for exercise and food, it tracks the calories I burn and the calories I eat and I love it. I also use RunKeeper for when I run. It has GPS capability to it tracks my distance and speed. I can also enter information manually when I run on the treadmill. Yesterday I got back outside for a run for the first time since we returned from Mexico. It was hard to do it and I had to force myself, I think I was afraid I wouldn't have any stamina after having 13 days off, but it was fine and now I'm back on track.

Oh, dear. I am an underachiever. I just walk and gave up the tracking portion a while ago, but good for you!

I like a way to track progress when I exercise! Love the speedometer on my bike... and it looks as though I'll be able to use it this weekend! ;)

That is an awesome goal!

I track on runkeeper my fitness. I'm glad I started when I started to exercise and lose weight. To see how far I've come since I started in Aug. 2011 is a huge motivator!

Good job on your walking.

I use a Fitbit Zip - it syncs via my computer and keeps track online. I like to see the charts of my sedentary vs. active times. It motivates me to get up and move! I wear it all day long - even at my Jazzercise class.

I bought a Jawbone Up. I LOVE it! it also tracks your sleep (deep vs. light) and has a gentle vibrating alarm. You can also set it to vibrate if you been inactive for so many minutes.

Is the pedometer an app that comes with the nano? Does it need WiFi or GPS to work? I use my iPod to jog, but it only has WiFi so I couldn't use a GPS function.

You go!!

I have a Nike Fuelband - it helped a lot last summer, but not so much over the winter. *sigh* I might need to get banks of anti-SAD lights installed...

Hmmm. I had forgotten that the nano had a pedometer feature. I may start that from curiosity. I'm sure I walk much less than I imagine.

I think it's wonderful that you've found a way to keep yourself motivated and moving.

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