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Garden Duty


Smith has been working and I am left to garden watering duty. The weekend weather could not have been more beautiful and it was a joy to be outdoors. The garden is
slowly coming to life, as the sun has finally had a chance to warm the ground. 


The carport garden is growing like gangbusters and the okayama lettuce is ready to harvest. We had fresh salad greens for dinner and it won't be long before before there will be radishes for garnish.

How does your garden grow?


Oh, your lettuces look BEAUTIFUL! Mmmm. My garden is growing. So happy spring is finally showing up for the party!

Look at that lettuce! What a gorgeous shade of green! No gardening here yet but I'm formulating plans for some new plantings around the foundation of our house.

My weeds are awesome. I am in conversation with a friend about the possibilities for dandelion pesto. What do you think? We have a bumper crop this year due to the heavy (and, continuing) rains.

The ground is still frozen solid here so no thoughts of anything growing yet. But I'm starting to think about flowers and shrubs at our new house...
Your lettuce is so pretty!

My garden is reawakening and has quite a spurt with our weekend's warmth. Tiny, new leaves showing everywhere.

Bloodroot appeared overnight! And the bleeding heart is exploding, as it does once it's started. Can't wait for the flowering. That lettuce looks AMAZING!!

Sadly, it does not grow fast enough! :D Although with the amounts we planted, I'll be doing some canning this year.

The trees don't even have buds yet here!

Beautiful lettuces! Have you tried sautéing radishes? They taste great for those who don't like the pepperiness of them or the weather has turned them too hot.

Tell CindyCindy that we always ate dandelion salads at my house when I was a kid. My mother went to the empty lot next to our house and dug them up.

The okayama is just the most beautiful green. You and Smith must be garden experts to raise so many delicious things in the mountains of Utah.

Oh its just getting green here in Chicago area.
I did put some Stonecrop in the ground today.
I planted chives by seed a few days ago.

Im working only on herbs this year! and flowers. Farmers market gives me all the produce I need or want . :) and I dont have to water so much

Beautiful! I just put spinach,kale,and lettuce in the ground this past weekend. I am so ready for summer! Your lettuce is enviable.

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