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Crazy days in the office
Laughter of grrlfriends all evening
Blog days neglected

I missed my 9th blogging anniversary and missed the first day of spring, but I've been crazy busy either working my fingers to the bone, or laughing with friends. It's all good.

The only picture available for your viewing pleasure (or not) is of me wearing a wonderful cowl Laurie knit for me.

The only thing I remember about this warm and beautifully blue cowl is the yarn, Blue Moon Medium Weight Sock in Midsummers Night. The construction is very cool, as the alternating sections of stockinette disappear, so the lace sections come to the fore. I love the color and love the Laurie hug.

Spring is her fickle self. The weather has gone from blue skies to rain, and snow is in the forecast. No matter the weather I hope you're out enjoying life!! Anything good happening?


I love the parts with laughing!
Happy blogiversary, Margene!!
Because I also love that you're here.

Laughing makes the working-the-fingers-to-the-bone bearable! And all good things, Margene. All good!

I am glad you started blogging, or I never would have met you, and glad you have continued! Happy Spring! Yesterday's storm really felt like a spring one, even with trucks lining up at chain control!

Echoing Vicki's comment! The cowl is perfect on you. So glad I got to see it in person before it was gifted. :-) Wear it in health and happiness.


Beautiful cowl! Beautiful Margene! I'm so glad you are blogging! Oh, and if you find out the pattern name of the cowl, I'd love to know it.

Beautiful cowl! And the laughter of girlfriends...makes the soul sing!

Lovely cowl - and just YOUR blue!

Happy Blogiversary, Margene! I love to read your posts, so glad you started (and have continued) blogging!

Hai! Just fabulous! Oh, and the cowl is nice, too. ;^)

She totally nailed the color - PERFECT for you. Stay warm and well!

Happy 9 years! The cowl is lovely and the color looks wonderful on you.

Gorgeous cowl!! And having fun with friends is always a good reason to be away from the blog. :)

You look fantastic, Margene! I ran 3 miles on the treadmill today, that's what's happening.

Winter refuses to let go. le sigh. I love the cowl. What a beautiful color. And, being busy doing what you need to and want to is always good. The good in my hood is that it's THURSDAY AFTERNOON!!

Sounds like it was all good stuff that was keeping you away, so we count that in the 'plus' column. You look fantastic in that piece. And who better to appreciate a hand knit than another knitter?! Happy BirthdayBlogiversarySpring!

I am so glad you are here blogging. *hugs* (It is Willow cowl, for those who have asked.)

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