March 1st
Celebrating March

Sun Comes Out to Play!

The sun made an appearance the last days of February and the first days of March. Saturday was warm, finally warm and wonderfully sunny, although the light was filtered, the air was not as clean as it should be. Therefore, there is no picture of my view, but at least it was warm! The wind chimes, perfectly still, cast long, simple shadows into the house, creating not the best picture, but a certain amount of happiness. Sunday the skies covered over and it rained Oh well, at least it was rain!

How was your weekend?


Oh, that photo just make me happy! Sunshine and long shadows. Spring is coming!

We had a lot of frozen sun and a few light flakes of snow in Toronto!

I *love* it when the light streams in, even though it shows how badly my windows need washing! ;)

The sun! We've got some today - at last but still a whipping wind. No complaining, still taking in the warmth and light. ;-)

I'm so glad you finally saw some sunshine!

Wasn't the sun a joy this weekend? We are not overcast again and it's supposed to rain this week, but I don't care. We had sun!!!! I love your picture. Mine would just include a silly cat laying belly up in the sunbeam;-P

We had sunshine and a cold, cold wind yesterday, but temps look promising this week. We walked the dog yesterday all bundled up and contemplated cutting the walk short due to the wind. For our buddy's sake, we soldiered on!

Rain?!?! Wow. We had a bit of snow today, with more on the way.

I hope the rain knocked the crap out of your air. I wish I could figure out how to send you some of my sunshine. It's not like I want it. ;^)

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