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It Was a !*^# Cold Weekend

Springtime in the Rockies

When it's springtime in the Rockies you never know from one minute to the next what the weather will bring.Comingdownhard


The snow and sun exchanged places throughout the day, but at the end of the day it was beautifully blue (and cold!).  The next couple of days may have much the same in store.


Cold here, too. Snow one day, sun the next. Odd weather!

Spring = Fickle.

And some years more than others.
We'll be all the more appreciative of those consistent, pleasant days of "spring" . . . when they finally arrive!

"The snow and sun exchanged places throughout the day." Love that sentence. Much the same here except with much more snow left behind to melt.

What occurs in the Rockies moves through the plains. We are expecting rain/snow/cold this weekend. Mother Earth is screwing with our heads;-p

About 11 degrees here this morning but a beautiful blue sky! Enjoy the weekend Margene!

14F here, but up to 30 later! And the sun is bright, melting the snow.

Lots in bloom here, though the cold returned after sandal weather last week. I love mountain springs.

We had snow yesterday, another few inches to coat what we already had, and today the sun is out. It's cold but I can feel spring in the air, too.

We're finally having a little bit of a warm up -- nothing like what you had -- but if 40's all that Mother Nature's got, I'll take it!!

Oh yes, springtime in Utah, or 2nd winter as we have been calling it around here. I am hoping to see sunlight today but have a feeling we might not as it is currently snowing!

Same in Estes Park! gotta go with the flow!

Wash, rinse, repeat. It was definitely one of those days.

I am so done with winter here In Chicago.. I know however that we have to wait until MAY For a real sustained warmth.....
Patience ugh...such a virtue I dont have

Beautiful and so much better than our wind.

can't wait til you post photos of real spring. when the wildflowers come (or is that summer?!) I spent 5 of my childhood "springs" in Wyoming and we hunted Easter eggs in the snow at least once!

I'm just back from SLC and was amazed at the crazy weather you guys put up with during spring. ;) I swear it went from sunny to snow shower during the time it took to check my email one morning!

BTW, the view of Mount Olympus from the rehab place my MIL was staying at is similar to those you post, so does that mean you live in/near Murray?

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