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It's cold and gray here, which puts us, once again, within the confines of the house. And, I know many of you are now getting snow or rain and we are all wishing, hoping and praying for spring. That is, with the exception of Cookie, and few of you others who do not care for warm weather.


Speaking of Cookie...she sent me the most beautiful handspun I have ever held in my hands.I cannot wait to knit with it (although I really must finish my sweater first). I'm searching for shawl patterns for this incredible blue (merino/bamboo/silk fiber from Cupcake Fiber Company) and the stunningly elegant red (cashmere/silk fiber from from Spirit Trail Fiberworks).

I am awed by the beauty of the yarn and by Cookie's ability to spin.


Speaking of shawls...I haven't touched my Quill for quite some time, as I'm trying to stay a monogamous and committed knitter in order to finish my sweater. I remain determined.

Speaking of knitting...I did not knit over my long weekend, except for Sunday afternoon while at SnB. Truthfully, I didn't really even think about knitting, except when dreaming about the above handspun.

Speaking of needlepoint students brought cupcakes to our Saturday class, which was the only time I had cake for my birthday (yes they were GF). Only on rare occasions do I miss "real" cake, but this weekend was not one of those occasions, as I was just having too much fun in general.

Speaking of fun...part of my fun week included an ethereal visit with Laurie. She is here and then, in a flash, she is gone again and I am missing her before our visit is over.

Well, that might be random enough to be loosely interpreted to be a (not quite) Ten on Tuesday with Carole.


Splendid yarn! Splendid cupcakes (of all types!) Splendid pals!

What a wonderful photo of you and Laurie! Glad you had a nice visit.

Looks like life is good! ;-)

Oh, that blue is particularly lovely!

Works for me! I'm so glad you got to see Laurie. She looks close to me and I haven't seen her in ages!

Oh that blue yarn is beautiful. It reminds me of the blue skies that we will hopefully be seeing soon.

She is an amazing spinner! I've been having trouble finding time to knit. Spring has sprung in Texas and there is so much to do. Unless I can figure out how to drive a tractor and knit. :D

Oh to be a monogamous knitter...I'm always a faithless one. Way too many projects on the needles or in the "just finish it, already" pile.

You are going to look absolutely fabulous in that gorgeous blue yarn. I know you'll take great care to find just the right pattern.

I still want to sleep with that red cashmere.

That Cookie is an amazing spinner! What a perfect color for you!

The bluE is beautiful, but the red really rings my bell!

Happy BIRTHDAY belated. THat yarn is amazingly beautiful and it comes right through the screen at me!!!!

love the red, who cares if not exactly 10, it's random!

Oh, the gorgeousness of that yarn. I'm so glad you had a good birthday weekend. So important to have fun when we can. And, you're being true to your Chicane.!

I do love being random!


Oh, that's all so wonderful... especially the last!

That looks like lovely yarn! And the post was certainly random enough to count, I think.

I am definitely not a monogamous knitter. I get lured by new yarns and patterns all the time.

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