It Was a !*^# Cold Weekend
Living Now

Oops, I Blew It

If your feed reader picked up my too early post yesterday I'm sorry, as I got trigger happy and pushed the wrong button. Once again I am in midst of busy week and have no idea if I'll have post together by tomorrow. I'm too much a spoilsport to do ToT this week and the early posting took the wind out of my sails. I'll be back when I can get everything together. In the meantime, have fun!


Well, here's what I know: if either of us won that Powerball we'd see each other a lot more frequently!

Sending you hugs across the ether! XO

It's been like that, hasn't it? Well, hugs to you and hang on!!! I'm having the same problems posting.

Oh, I loved that little glimmer in my feed... can't wait to see/read the whole story.

By the way, belated happy birthday wishes! I hope the rest of the birthday month is enjoyable.

Whoops! I've certainly done that before... Here's to having a great week!

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