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I'm a spoilsport, a complete wet blanket, when it comes to dreaming about lottery winnings. Filling my head up with desire gives rise to the attachment of the outcome.  I realize dreaming isn't a bad thing and I enjoyed reading the fun dreams of others, but I'm not certain dreaming is worth the risk.

One day I mentioned to Smith that someday I'd like a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. Within a month of that comment the freezer started to go on the blink, which led Smith to give the back of the monstrosity a good vacuuming. We held our collective breath and watched as the situation degraded. The refrigerator portion, which ran constantly, slowly stopped working, as well. The one thing not on my TBP (to be purchased) list was a new appliance, although I will now have a fridge with a freezer on the bottom. Let's just say I'm not sure I dare to dream!


I'll keep my dreams simple and dream of warming weather (which is coming day by day) and time to finished my Chicane (which is also happening)! Despite a minor set back, reknitting of a sleeve cap (I did not read the directions carefully enough), the second sleeve is very near completion. My thought of the moment is for calm winds and smooth knitting until she's done.


I hope your new fridge is everything you dreamed! And that sweater is really looking wonderful, I love all that texture.

I do love the freezer on the bottom. Good energy savings, too. Is that the sun I see? Oh, boy! I hope that's all headed our way. We still have some of the monster snow on the ground, but each day is improving giving me hope for maybe a spring, or just a hurry into summer;-p Happy hump day, grrlfriend!!!!

Our fridge is older than our marriage (27 years)! I have paid regular visits to the appliance department over the years to see what's new and measure up... not wishing or dreaming, exactly. It's inevitable.

Oh, I love how Chicane is looking!!

As they say... be careful what you wish for. But you'll love it.

The power of dreaming!! :D

Heh, somehow I doubt you have the power to get your refrigerator to go just by dreaming of another. If that was true I'd have a LOT of new appliances.

You are so right about the attachment and I try not to go there, but every once in a while......

I have to say that my list of wants, while it exceeds my current ability to make them all happen, are not that elaborate or lush. It is nice to dream of them occasionally. It would, of course, include the means to jump on a plane to visit SLC whenever the mood struck me, which would be often. :)

Meh...dreams are free.

The good news is, since your refrigerator is likely the single biggest drain on your electric bill, and the newer models are so much more energy efficient, you will make back the price of the new one sooner than you might imagine!

Sorry about your fridge. I hate when appliances break. And I am with you about the "If I win.." lottery conversations, they stress me , instead of being fun.

Yeah, you're never any fun. :p

That what if game is very telling if you look carefully...

Lovely knitting, my friend. I'm still crankying out socks but that's not really news, is it? xo

I love those sleeves -- and can't wait to see the finished sweater. It will be perfect!

As for the fridge . . . man, I hate having to replace appliances! Even though you know one is "one the way out" --- it's still a nasty surprise when you have to foot the bill to replace it. (But usually nice to have an upgrade!)

My washing machine (very, very, very old) is making really bad noises. I'm trying not to dream. . .

Hope you love your new fridge! Maybe you'll do an review for us when you've used it for awhile...

I'm glad that you are able to get the kind of refrigerator you would like, and I hope the changeover is not too much of an ordeal.

You will have new sweater soon! I like watching the pieces come into being. xo

Love how your sweater is coming along. Great texture! I like to dream occasionally, but it makes me sad more often than not so I don't really go there.

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