Springtime in the Rockies
Oops, I Blew It

It Was a !*^# Cold Weekend

An inch of snow covered the jolly jonquils
despite the snow, the weekend went on undaunted filling up with food, friends and laughter
Chef Rick made a beautiful plate of sushi for two of us to share (GF of course)
Mango on top made it sweet and delicious
I love heat and sweet together
I purchased my first prescription sunglass (bifocals) and they're very cute and cool (even if I say so myself)
Photos when they arrive....promise

Hopefully, there will be a use for sunglasses in the near future
Mom nature-we're ready for a warm-up, please


We have snow but no jonquils yet! I got new prescription sunglasses - Ray Ban! - a couple of weeks ago and I love them.

Mmmmmm. Heat and sweet. And sushi. My favorite food groups! Can't wait to see the sunglasses. It won't be long now (I'm pretty sure) before we need them!

10" of heavy wet Spring snow. Poke me with a fork. I'm done.......

I wish I'd invested in prescription sunglasses years ago! I'm never without them now, and even bought a sporty (better coverage) pair last year for cycling. With all the snow and cold we have, it's hard to believe that I was actually riding my bike at this time last year!! (We may catch sight of 50F within the week... oh, how sweet that will be!)

Can't wait to see your sunglasses. I've been toying with the idea of prescription ones for a while.

As often is the case, our weather echoes yours. Single digits overnight--brrrr! We need the snow, but it's awful hard to dream of a white Passover or white Easter.

Mmm... gf sushi...

Poor cold flowers. :(

GF sushi, prescription sunglasses and talk about the weather. boy I love hanging out with y'all! seriously - it's refreshing that we can all be our slightly-cranky-just-because selves...and laugh about it. and share lovely photos of snow-covered jonquils (which I want to call daffodils - is just my southern drawl coming out some more, or are they really different?) hoping we get to talk about being warm. soon!

Judging by our weather today, you'll be getting a warm up soon. ;^)

Even I will admit that winter is over, and it is time for a change of weather.

Where do you go for the yummy sushi?

The sushi looks so good. It can be so pretty it seems a shame to eat it, but I don't let that stop me.

It seems that everyone I know who finally buys the prescription sunglasses wishes they had done so years before. I hope your experience is just as wonderful.


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