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Yesterday couldn't have been a more perfect day for a birthday. The sky blue canvas of sky was painted with feathery clouds, the temperatures near record highs, and the air clear and clean. We hiked up Elbow Fork in Millcreek Canyon and reveled in the perfection of the day. Afterwards, I just just enough time for a pedicure (Bite Me, thanks, Cookie!) and ended the day with sushi!


I call this "the perfect bite".

Thank you for the wonderful birthdway wishes! I have the best friends and know the nicest people. xoxo

Happy Weekend!!


Happy belated birthday!

Looks like a great way to celebrate.

Another beautiful day today! Enjoy it just as much!

Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had such a lovely day. :)

You had a perfect, perfect day. I'm so glad!

I'm so glad you had a fabulous day on your birthday!

Woo Hoo!

You're welcome!

I do love sushi presentation. So pretty. That sky is stunning and I am so glad you had a wonderful day. I do loves me a good pedicure;-p

Perfect! I shared your skies. Warmest day EVER.

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