Changing Winds
Gray Days


The weekend was a tricky one weather wise and we were either dodging flying snow or impressed by the blue of the sky.  By Sunday afternoon the snow had made its way out of the valley and the blue skies took over.  Later the moon came up over this mountain right through the clouds and it was one of the most amazing moon risings I've seen. For a time the clouds created a crown of light over the moon and it took my breath away.  It's been a good weekend so I'm going to share it via "Amanda's Weekending".


There was a fair amount of good cooking going on this weekend. I'm getting better at cooking ahead to make sure there is something easy to take to work for my daily lunch. There were also two first in our kitchen this week. I roasted my first whole fish, which was very easy to do and wonderfully tasty.  The next night I roasted this romanescue, a fractal wonder of the veggie world. It has the texture of cauliflower but taste more like broccoli. It was wonderfully fun to touch it and eat it.


I had a chance to visit a freind and see how much her kitty has grown. This boy was 1.25 pounds when she brought him home. Tommy is now a very regal, larger than life presence.


Didn't think you'd ever see a cat on my blog did you?  It was a wonderfully relaxing and productive weekend. How was yours?

Happy Monday.


I love(!!!) the picture of Tommy! Glad you had such a good weekend.

Tommy fit in the palm of our hands on his car trip home. Miss Gracie would like to point out that she once made an appearance here.

Wow, that is a crazy looking vegetable!

Gorgeous sky/mountain/weather photo!

I've never tried romanescue, though I've seen it in the produce department -- cauli & broc are two of my faves, so I can't imagine why I wouldn't like it!

What a handsome cat!!

I love the cat! And the vegetable looks very interesting. And your mountains and sky picture is beautiful. But I always hear the word, "weekend" now, and thing of the Dowager Countess saying, "What is a weekend?"

The romanescue is too pretty to eat! Sounds like a great weekend.

Gorgeous sky and mountains. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend. I saw that you had been snowed upon and hoped you were enjoying the last (IhopeIhope) of winter weather. You've had a boatload of it this year. And, that romanescue looks beautiful and otherworldly. I hope to try one myself someday soon. Happy Monday!!!

Tommy has such beautiful eyes!

I agree with Cheryl. Those eyes are very special! Beautiful pictures Margene! Our sky was gray but the weekend still wonderful!

Tommy is something else. I've been missing my kitty lately and while we have another cat, he's not mine. Thanks for sharing him with us. I saw that wonderful veggie at the Coop yesterday. Perhaps I should pick some up on my next trip. Our weekend was lovely, and now it's snowing non-stop. Bet it's heading your way soon!

Looks like a fabulous weekend. I've never seen that veggie before - it looks so beautiful. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Love the kitty!

Wow....what a BEAUTIFUL boy Tommy is!!

So glad you had a wonderful weekend that included a kitteh!

It was a good weekend. Cold at night, full of sun during the day and somewhat productive, which is always nice.


What a gorgeous kitty! :-) And what a colorful weekend all around -- that sky is just stunning.

Tommy is gorgeous! And I've never heard of romanescue, but it's pretty amazing looking, too!

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