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Happiness is February

I'm going to employ the age old blog trick of randomly rambling. However, if I reveal too much I may have nothing more to say the rest of the week.

February is not January and you have an idea of how happy I am about that. The longass month is gone and it won't be back for 11 more months and with that thought comes relief!


February has so much good packed into a short period of time. There are two things I'm going to keep an eye on this month...the length of the day and the mailbox. So far I have mailed 3 letters for "A Month of Letters" and plan on, at least, 20 more. I will send another today and may even send multiples some days.

The inversion is still with us during the morning hours, but the arc of the sun is higher in the sky, which means there is a good chance sunshine will break through leaving us with a sunny afternoon and the orange hazy glow of a setting sun. It is better than being socked in all day through.

As per usual, I made a silly mistake in my knitting and had to take out several inches of the back of my (future) sweater. Quill languishes, but only because I do not have 4 hands (nor hours and hours to knit. I still love her.) A new, finished sweater is the carrot that keeps me knitting, although knitting is still about the process. I'm loving the yarn and the ease of stockinette.

I just finished a very good book, an intense story, written in a unique style. The Colour of Milk is the tale of a young woman growing up on a farm in 1830s England. It is a heart-wrenching story, which has stayed in my thoughts, and at 160 pages you can read it in a day. Yes, Carole, I read many sad books, but they're SO good! 

Ran out of time to take pictures, as the days are just not long enough (as yet), so all you get today is my rambles.


Happy February! I am always so glad to see the light returning.

Happy February indeed! I spent the better part of the evening tinking back 2 inches of my hat. I feel your pain.

It is so good to break out of the January hibernation!

I hope your inversion is gone for good very soon! Hooray for February - Valentine's Day and February school vacation are coming right up. The Red Sox truck leaves Boston for Florida today and pitchers and catchers report for spring training in a week. Spring is coming!

Bring on the spring! I'm a February fan - I've got a birthday and generally at least one beautifully warm day comes along to give us hope! Sorry about your rip - I'm a mistakeful knitter myself. And thanks for the book recommendation. I spent some time going over your and Kym's lists this weekend looking for a new book to read!

I am appreciating every extra moment of sunshine we get. :)

The days are getting longer, Dear Friend!! Another wonderful book about pioneers is ENGLISH CREEK. A favorite of mine. I am sorry about the mistakes in the knitting. Funny, that never happens to me;-P

I just finished a book tonight, so I'm looking for my next one . . . Thanks for the recommendation. Sad books . . . are often the books with the most depth. (But, of course, you already know that.) As for ripping . . . I'm the QUEEN. :-)

Knitting is overrated. ;^)

I know it's a short month but it's already feeling painfully long.

I love February so much more than January, too!

I couldn't be happier to see January hit the bricks! February in Boise isn't much better, but at least it's shorter. Mr. Sun keeps taunting us through the fog and haze, but has yet to make appearance for more than a day or two since Christmas. I still have hope. Whatever the weather, I'm staying present and not longing (too much) for what is yet to be.

Each and every day that passes is a relief. I am so looking forward to spring, and ticking a few things off the list along the way.

A very happy February to you! I happen to be very fond of this month as well!

Ah, January gone, a little misery goes with her! I like your ramblings. I often come to your blog just to see what you are reading. I wouldn't mind seeing more posts about books, although all your Zen thoughts and knitting were the original appeal. Thanks for posting.

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