The Gift of Sun

Go Take a Hike!


Finally, I've found a way to do what I really want to do, despite the snow and ice...take a hike!

Smith had a birthday this past weekend and I decided to give him something that would truly get us out of the house and into the mountains. We have spikes on the souls of our shoes!

We passed hikers on snowshoes who were envious of how easily we moved over the trail. We headed up and down, over steep terrain, over the ice (with no fear), having a total blast. We used our regular hiking shoes, just pulled the spikes over, and took off into the pines. 

It was a beautiful day, in the mid-30s, with a few high, thin clouds creating a sheer curtain over the sun.I've never had so much fun on a winter day and it won't be our last venture out on the trails. We plan on heading out every weekend we can to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. I am psyched!
The day was perfection and we topped it off with a stop at our favorite taqueria for an apr├Ęs-fun lunch. We were very pleased with ourselves and warm, inside and out, for the rest of the day. I think we're onto something!


I'm so glad the spikes worked out. And I recognized that car immediately and knew you went to Lone Star! Yummmmmm.

Great idea! Sure footed traction.

Brilliant. I have always wondered if the spikes worked on ice. What a glorious day for a hike, too!

Looks great to me! We bought some kind of device for the shoes too but didn't try it yet but yours looks much more serious than ours.

Mazal tov to Smith!

Yay! They sure make a difference, don't they? I don't have a pair of my own but have borrowed some on occasion. Also, YUM!

They look efficient, especially on trails! Happy belated Birthday to Smith.

Such a treat to get up into the beautiful mountains.

Good for you, two. Tho' I prefer hurling myself quickly down thru the snow.


Awesome! I will have to look into spikes! One of my favorite places to eat, it is minutes away from my office!

Very cool! And I love the taco shop sign car. :)

Oh, what fun! What a perfect way to hike in the winter. So, so glad you had such a wonderful weekend to test them out. (And I recognize that car!!!! Even covered with snow!)

Woo Hoo!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Smith!

I super love shoe spikes -- mine broke, so you are reminding me to get new ones. Last winter was super icy and I had a one-year-old puppy who needed a walk of a couple miles, so those spikes were a lifesaver (possibly literally).

No one can take my snowshoes away, though. When the snow is puffy, they are the tool to have.

Looks like great fun... albeit a bit more work for some fresh air and exercise... but your pictures make it feel like we're right there by your side. I always love that about your posts. Somehow you pull us right in with you and we can almost smell the fresh crisp winter air.

Oh my...another outdoor accessory! That is awesome Margene. Now I know what I can get Doug for his birthday in March - thank-you!

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