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Every year my company finds a service project for us to participate in as a way of honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.. This year the project turned out to be super fun. As a way to help the teachers of a local preschool for autistic children, we colored, cut and glued together folders of games and teaching aids.

The teachers had been taking home pages (and pages) to color on their own time. We saved them hundreds of hours of extra work. Our pages were color copied and laminated, so the pages could be used over and over again. It was wonderful day of service to our community and we all felt like we'd made a difference.


What a GREAT volunteer project! I love to color. I find it soothing and relaxing. Bet you all found some personal "restoration" as you were helping the teachers. Such a cool way to contribute, Margene!

Fantastic service project! Coloring is always fun too!

That's a very cool project - and like Manise said, coloring is fun. :)

That looks like so much fun! AND you helped out teachers of kids with special needs, too. Win-win!

What a wonderful project! Plus, I still love to color!

That's really awesome!

Love this so much!

It's wonderful that your company donates this day. And, you look like you're having fun with this. I know the teachers are grateful! Thanks!

So fun and what a way to give back!

Fun and helpful. Perfect combo!!!!

It's a win-win!

This sounds like a real win-win-win for everyone! Coloring is relaxing, meditative, and fun for all of you, the teachers benefit, and the kids certainly do, too. Congratulations to all of you for making a difference, and your company for finding and participating in such a great project!

All the good parts of being a kid! How fun! And as the child of two teachers, I can tell you that anything that helps with the workload is a blessing. Thank you.

How wonderful! What a fun way to give back!

That is an awesome service project.

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