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When You Can See the Air


As long as the air is visible (it's called the "dreaded inversion") I'm staying indoors and cozying up with my knitting and reading. Sunday, after a day of gray, we saw the sun  (filtered through smutz) and a bit of blue sky. A storm has been predicted for today that should (may) scour the valley and give our lungs (and sinuses) some much desired relief.


I've only just started this book by Jana Richman, but I'm enjoying the pace and style of the story, which takes place in an area of Nevada, which is known as the Great Basin. The writer is a local and she'll join the discussion at our book group later this month.

The knitting is a secret and it needs to finish by the end of the month for our 9th Annual SnB Grrls Anniversary Party!!

Joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along day.


How fun to have the author join your book group! That will certainly add a depth of understanding and a whole new perspective to the discussion. Hope the air clears soon!

I hope you get your storm and your air clears.

Having the author at your book group will be great - what insight! I hope the inversion passes quickly.

Those inversions can be killers, can't they? We don't even have mountains (we are lower than sea level), but we get them, too, but ours come in summer. Hope your storm gets there. And, I'd love to join the yarn along, but I keep going to sleep when I read;-P

Here's hoping the inversion passes quickly!

It's crazy windy today - no chance of an inversion...

It was a real drag to come back to the valley and see that the nasty air was still here. I'm glad it's going away, but the upcoming days of snow and extreme cold are not going to be great for our house project.

Different winter, same inversion... sigh. It is dank and cloudy here this morning, with rain predicted by evening. I was so grateful that yesterday was my Truckee day, filled with some sun and sparkle off the snow. I am also happy to have found out about the new letterwriting challenge from you, and am putting you on my list as one of the people I will send a letter:)

We're in the midst of our "January Thaw" -- unseasonably warm temps and lots of melting snow. I had visible air yesterday, too, but in the form of a beautiful fog resting over fields of snow. The first time I saw it, I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing; the second time, quite breathtaking and beautiful. I hope your inversion is short!

That kind of reminds me of our weather here on the east coast in the summer. The humidity is so thick you can see it. Makes it tough for some of us to breathe. I know the reason I don't live in the south! Enjoy your reading.

Lovely sky. I hope you get some rain or snow to clear out the air. We're a third of the way though this month you hate. Keep on keeping on. xo

I like a quiet tale. I'll queue it up. I always enjoy your book recommendations. It's been so cold here too. Yesterday after yoga, I tossed my sweaty clothes on the roof of my car to load up and steam was rising from them. Brrrrr.

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