Dead of Winter
Utah Grrls Rock


Hooray for the thumb's up at the end!

I'm going to assume the thumbs up mean everything's done and everything's good.

Also on my first "read" through I thought this was happening in a basement, until I looked again and noticed that the window was likely to low on the wall for that. (My brain doesn't always understand that some houses don't have basements. I blame living in Nebraska most of my live where basements are kinda necessary.)

What a production! So glad for the thumb's up there at the end. (Always a Good Sign!)

Oh, dear. I hope it is all at least as well as the thumbs up indicates. xo

That was a quick response! So glad it's done. It's amazing how much damage a bit of water can do. On the bright side things dry out rather quickly in the winter with the heat on without the added worries of mold.

Why, oh, why does that stuff happen when it's so darned cold? I'm so glad it's fixed (mostly). Now all you lack is finishing up(an old construction saying).

Whew for the thumb's up!

Thankfully you have great workers who play along with the blog. :D

I made that chili recipe yesterday and also left out the brown sugar and beans and it was one of the best chilies I've ever tasted. An amazing variety of ingredients combined to create a very tasty meal on a cool night here in California. Thanks so much for the link to that web site.

Larry is so glad that we replaced our water pipes last year, rather than have an emergency (which of course, would be in the winter like this).

Glad you're (mostly) taken care of!

Ruh-roh? Hope that thumbs up is accurate.

OMG! WTF?! o.O

You said it - oy vey!Happy to see the thumbs up!

So glad the job is done! We had an emergency furnace put in last weekend after no heat for two days. Thank goodness for prompt and efficient service workers!!

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