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Carole's ToT for today is 10 Tips for Sticking With Your Fitness Routine and I really need to hear what everyone has to say.

My main fitness is being outdoors, but I'm a fair weather "doer". Winter takes away my desire, as I'm just not a fan of cold (or bad air). Yes, I can get warm by walking, but not when it's below, say, 20 degrees. I can dress warmly enough to get my walk on if it's not bitter cold.(It was 0 here yesterday morning and the inversion is back.)


I don't have a treadmill and, while I have a gym membership, I seem to be a gymaphobe. When it comes right down to it there are no excuses, but I still find many.  Can you see....I'm the one in need of help to get my move on. That or warmer weather.

As soon as the temperature is bearable to be outdoors. I'm going snow shoeing, walking, and perhaps hiking.

My #1 fitness thing, my only fitness thing, is to go out in nature, even for a walk around your neighborhood. It's amazing at what you'll see, who you'll run into, and how good you'll feel. You'll be doing something. It's the doing of something. Walking, even if it's just stroll, is better than doing nothing. 

Do you have one simple thing that motivates you? Are you fitness slug like me?


Me, too! Although I say that the pup and I go out every single day, some of those days are wayyyyyyyyy shorter than others. I don't like the bitter cold, either.

Margene, I'm sorry you are having a rough time finding something active (and enjoyable) to do when its bitter cold. Challenge yourself to find one thing at your gym that you enjoy. Try taking a new class like Zumba or Bodypump, or seek out some help to learn about the strength training machines (usually gyms offer this for free), or spring for one session with a personal trainer to teach you about using the free weights. Trust me, there is at least ONE thing at that gym that you won't hate, and might actually like!

I'm with you...I'm a fitness slug too. I'd love to love exercise but I just can't get past the dislike of it!

I used to be worse than a fitness slug and I'm so afraid that part of me will come back. I think that's why I'm so disciplined about working out. I bet you could learn to like the gym. Is it close to home and/or work? The thing that really helped me to feel comfortable at the gym was using a personal trainer. They will support and encourage you and also answer any questions you have about the gym, etc, during your sessions. It really helped me to feel part of the community there and that's a big part of why I keep going back.

We all have to find our own path when it comes to exercising. Much of what Carole says has worked for me in the past. My challenge at the moment is a combination of the things you mentioned and some health problems. I try to remember not to let anyone else's opinion of what I do matter too much.

Motivation? What's that?

I am considering a gym membership to use a treadmill. Maybe having to pay the fee will guilt me into going. I'd prefer to walk outside, but I'm even more of a fair-weather person than you are.

Exercise/fitness is the part of the plan I've let slide. I am looking forward to riding my bike this spring/summer/fall again and, with 30+ lbs. less weight, I should be even more comfortable doing it... haha, ride like the wind! ;)

I find the only motivation that works is how I feel when I DON'T exercise. And then those lab tests!

Finding motivation is hard! For me I have to exercise first thing in the morning or it won't happen!

I was toying with staying in bed this morning because my house was cold but I got up and just got moving.

I love being outside but that only works for me on the weekends.

Making it part of my daily schedule makes me just do it. That and tracking in on

Warm weather motivates me, too. *sigh*

It sounds like being outside is what works for you, so all you need is to find what might help you to be outside when it is colder. Perhaps you knit yourself a pair of these:

and one of these:

Could I be more helpful? xoxo

Hey Margene, Take your snowshoes and go to my house and snowshoe away. It is cold but the air and sun terrific, and it is so exquisitely gorgeous right now. Let me know how it goes. We are all in CB as of last night. Will be walking the beach today. XXOO

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