When You Can See the Air
Who Me?

The Air Cleared

The inversion was scattered away by the wind and the mountains on both sides of the valley were sharply clear from my view. The clouds started to move in as the storm gathered strength, filling each corner of the sky. The sun played peek-a-boo for awhile and sent its rays through the mass. For a time the rays traveled with the fast moving clouds, but before long the afternoon sky was darkened by their depth.

Today we woke to several inches of snow. Bitter cold is in the forecast. It is winter.


Again. And, it will go away, again. This is another season of the weirds. We are to be 67 today and 31 Sunday. At least your inversion is gone and we got a bit of rain. Happy Friday, Dear Friend!!!!

That first photo is just beautiful. It's been pretty mild here all week and Sunday is supposed to be in the mid 50s. woot! But then I here there's some bitter cold headed away so we won't be escaping winter after all.

Yay for the end of the inversion!

Here's it's 36F and raining... Gonna be ugly when the temp drops again.

What a lovely blue sky. Bundle up!!

Feels like winter in Arizona at 32 degrees this morning. Reminds me of growing up in the Midwest.

Such a pretty sky! I think you are sending that frigid air over to us later next week. Ahhh... this too shall pass!

No escaping winter. In the denver area, we are having Stock Show weather for the first time in years. How blessed you are to see such beautiful skies (even with an inversion) every day--thanks for sharing with us.

Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your sky with us.

Looks like good knitting weather! ;-)

Tea and knitting.

Beautiful photos. At least, the air is clear, right? Stay warm!

Our inversion is here for the week. Brrr! Icy roads to work and no recess for my students. I hope your sun stays a bit. Your sky photo is magnificent!

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