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So Sue Me

Even though I had yet another experience of messing up, tinking back, and reknit 2 rows, Quill grows still. However, I'm still living with the realization she could take considerable time to complete (we're talking months and months), as I am no longer a fast knitter.  What does a knitter do when the two projects in her knitting bag have no foreseeable end point?  You know very well what happens, and even though this isn't how I usually operate (unless it is a small, short diversion), I did it anyway.


I could give you my excuses, such as, my current projects are both on size 5 needles, which seems to be causing pain in my wrist after a time. And, add that to the fact that both projects are fingering weight yarn (which means months before completion) AND (oh dear dog, dare I say it) there is the project-boredom-factor (it IS the process, but still...), and then, well, I just couldn't help myself. (I am a grown up and I take responsibility for myself, at least most of the time.)

The idea popped into my head and that was all she wrote. I couldn't shake it, the desire, the absolute awareness, a strong feeling of THIS IS OKAY!, I knew it was the right thing to do and, therefore, I cast on for another sweater. There I said it.

Didn't see that one coming did you?


Several days later, she's coming along nicely.


That is lovely yarn!! I am totally beguiled by grey yarn.
I have no worries that you cast on another sweater- more power to you! I don't even know how many things I have cast-on right now and that is just how I roll. I have a crazy good stash and I play with it however I like ;-) Eventually things get finished and worn, or gifted, or frogged. It's all just right.

Love the grey. And . . . no reason to justify whatever (and whenver!) you choose to knit. Knit what you like; like what you knit. Life is short. And that sweater is looking GOOD! XOXO

We always need sweaters. And, the only justification you need is that you wanted to do it;-p

Lots of grey! You need a bright sunny project!

Go for it! Change it up when you need to. There are no knitting police. I also have hand and wrist pain, especially with repeated actions like acres of garter stitch. I always keep a crochet project beside my knitting one so that I can change up the motion. Tylenol Arthritis helps too.

Go you! That is going to be awesome, I love the color and look at the simple ribbing and stockinette. So yummmy.

It definitely IS okay. Whatever you're in the mood for is the right thing. I've somewhat abandoned my own two big projects to do a bunch of small stuff.

A woman's gotta do whatma woman's gotta do!

I love it. I call it startits

Very jealous! I'm knitting a swap project and I am soooooooo done. Looks lovely so far!

This time of year, you've gotta what you've gotta do!

I get bored during a project and start new ones all the time. However, for some reason, I seem to think that while I'm working on my new project, somehow the old projects will have grown by several rows at the same time. I'm always lamenting that when I pick up an old project weeks later, it's not any longer. :-)

You? YOU?? Polygamous projects?? I'm seeing things.

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