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Not Ready For A Close Up

The trouble with Quill is she is not photogenic. She has me a ibt worried about her long term prospects. The poor thing was stuck in one spot for a long time, as I took a side trip for some secret knitting. Hopefully she did not feel abandon or feel as if she were an ugly duckling (even though she is).


Because I made an error several rows back, I had to tink 2 and a half rows. It took considerable effort and, possibly more time to tink them together. However, it did make me feel more productive. When finished I had a private little celebration (i.e. rye) and continued on.

To help the poor Quill feel better about herself, and to assure myself she is worth all this fuss, I must push on with her fancy dress up lacy border...and then there is the edging. Slowly, I have made my way to the half way point of the Old Shale border, which means she could remain non-photogenic for some time.

The book on my iPod (sorry no picture) is Stoner and I'm not quite sure how it ended on my "to read" list. I'm about half way through and, while the writing is excellent , and the book worth reading, I'm not sure I want to read another book about the life of a troubled/sad/unfulfilled man (The Lighthouse and Sense of an Ending come to mind).It last not for awhile. All three books were full of wonderful imagery, but the men, not all that likeable. I'll be looking for something light and fun for my next book.

Once again I'm joining Ginny in two of my favorite pursuits.


Ah, Quill will grow up to be the Prom Queen one day . . . I have every confidence! :-) I, too, am finished with books about troubled/sad/unfulfilled men. The Lighthouse nearly did me in.

The usual blob that lace is before blocking. I suspect you will love it in the end.

Quill is a middle-schooler right now. Braces and acne. She's bloom like all middle-schoolers eventually do;-P Happy Wednesday, Dear One!!!!

Quill will be worth all of the effort. You and Kym read books that are way too sad! I'm ready A Grown Up Kind of Pretty and I like it a lot. It's light and Southern with a little bit of mystery.

Tinking two rows at the same time in lace would definitely be one of those things that makes one feel accomplished as a knitter! :)

Loved the comments today, especially the middle schooler. The color of the shawl is very nice, such a warm brown. Loved the book review--it would be fun to be in a book club with you.

Quill will be lovely when she grows up. Just think of her as being in the Ugly Duckling stage. The yarn is so delicious!

I'm sure she'll blossom with a nice SPA bath and blocking afterwards. Beautiful colorway.

Sadly not all projects can be fast and effortless. I'm sure Quill be worth all the extra work, though. xo

I really, truly think she's beautiful right now! I have been in my garter phase for awhile now, which I hated with a passion as a new knitter, and that lovely rich and fuzzy brown yarn is my cuppa tea as well!

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