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Saturday our Moxie couldn't walk without falling over. Thank goodness our new vet was able to get us right in and he within seconds he'd diagnosed the problem. We thought what was happening had come on quickly, but in retrospect we knew he'd been in slow decline.  As it turned out, he had vestibular disease, which frequently happens in old dogs.

It was very apparent the room was swimming for the poor boy and he walked around in circles, a very sad sight to see. The vet gave him antibiotics for any infection and a motion sickness pills to help with dizziness. Our main goal for the weekend was to keep him hydrated, which was a challenge, as the the last thing he wanted was anything to eat or drink. When Smith took him out for walks he noticed Mox was eating snow and he realized snow might be a good way to get a little water into him. We filled a bowl with fluffy powdery snow and then watch him wolf it right down. There must have been something about the cold fluff that comforted him, as whenever we brought a bowl in he'd eat it right down.

Monday he still had a dazed and confused look on his face and we could tell he was still having spells of vertigo. Tuesday afternoon he seemed to be eating, drinking and bouncing around when excited. Although he is still a little unstable, Moxie is much, much better today. This situation may be his new normal, but since he'll be 15 in March, every day he's with us is a gift.


So glad to hear it turned around so fast! Wonderful - and lots of hugs for him (and you too - sick pets are STRESSFUL!).

Glad to hear he's feeling better. I do love myself a little Moxie!

I'm glad that the snow, meds, and love have your guy doing better. xo

I sure hope he is continuing to improve...with a name like Moxie, I am betting on him. :-) Many hugs to you all!

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