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Goodie Two Shoes


The air is so full of unhealthy particulate matter it’s unsafe for anyone to exercise outdoors and, to add insult to injury, this January is on track to be the 3rd coldest January ever.  As I was encouraged by several friends to get my ass to the gym, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The one item of exercise wear I didn't currently own was a pair of good sneakers. Carole suggested I not scrimp on shoes. "It's so important that we take good care of our feet!' So...

Several times I week I drive by a store I knew could help me find the perfect shoe in the perfect fit. Saturday, instead of driving by, I went in. While I walked on a treadmill a specialist recorded my feet (and part of the leg), then played it back while explaining what was good (or problematic) with the way I walk. This information helps her recommend the right style/type/brand of shoe. It was up to me to try on shoe after shoe, comparing and contrasting them to each other, until I found a shoe that put a big grin on my face. It was then she knew we'd found the right fit.


There was a little more to it, along with finding the right insert and socks, but I won't bore you with all the details. My goal was to find the right shoe, not pick one in a color range I liked (I tried on bright white--yikes--and screaming GREEN!), but the right shoe was made for me in every way!

I tried them out at the gym right after my purchase and I can sincerely say, Carole was right!


AWESOME! I'm so glad you found the right shoes! Carole is so very right -- your shoes are the foundation of every fitness activity (well, except maybe swimming. . . ), and it's vital to have good fit and support. What a GREAT move forward. (And they are cool looking shoes, to boot!)

The shoe is the only piece of exercise equipment I do not scrimp on. I find that walking every day in a good pair of shoes makes all the difference in my tired old bones;-P I love your new purdy shoes.

That Carole is pretty darn smart! Enjoy your new shoes!

Whatever is wrong with Screaming Green ;) ? Glad you found something you like that feels good to get you going!

Pretty, too!

Woohoo! Hope the air clears soon.

Could you share where you purchased your shoes? I'm new to Salt Lake. Love your blog!

Those are awesome, I love the colors! And I'm so glad they helped you find the right shoe for you. Wear them well, my friend! And here's to many successful miles with them, too!

The right shoes make all the difference!

Glad you got some shoes and decided to try the gym. I love exercising outside but my life schedule doesn't always agree!

Congrats on finding just the right shoes!

You know, I've been barefoot running (wearing Vibrams) and training for a marathon for a while now and this winter I finally caved and bought real running shoes because my feet were getting so cold. I went to a specialist like you and got the shoes we all thought would be perfect for me - it's so difficult to run in shoes!! I ditched them after a week and went back to what I have been doing all along.

Great shoes! Asics? Mine are scary similar in both color and style: Gel Fortitude-5. My insole is fuschia pink.

Wow, that sounds like a completely amazing show store!

I'm so glad you found a good pair for you. Shopping for trainers can be nearly as tiring as shopping for trousers. o.O

Yay for you! That Carole is a cookie of smarties!

I plan on doing the same process as soon as I get my tiny profit sharing check. It'll be a gift that keeps on giving, right?!

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