33.0 and Counting
Dead of Winter

Ah, The Weekend

This is the best 20 minutes of sky from the weekend. Otherwise we had dense fog and inversion, icy rain, sleet, rain, hail and then actual snow.
The weekend started with a very fun night out for our anniversary (sushi!) and an evening of toasting and drinking. How we've made it 33 years is a wonder to us.
Every day this week I've been to the gym. The freedom to go when I wanted is a the treat of a long weekend. I am going to figure out my mornings, as soon as possible, and try to make a.m. trips, as my after work schedule is full this week. That's the hazard of putting it of.
Another treat of the weekend was the lifting of the inversion and January thaw from the bitter cold.
The bad event of the weekend is the water pouring into our basement. I found it when I picked up my knitting bag and it was soaked through (no knitting was harmed) and I realized the floor was too.
Nothing has been determined, but there is likely a broken pipe out in the front garden. In the meantime the 10 gallon bucket Smith rigged up to capture water during the night is 3/4s full.  We will be dry walling at least one wall once the source of the water is found.

Garden Goddess are freaked out because their new snowy frocks are so cold!
While we were chatting away at SnB the snow started to fall and within a short time our cars were covered with 3" of snow. The decision was made to cut our day short and head home. My usual trip is about 10 minutes on a Sunday, as there is no traffic. But, my trip home in the snow took 50 minutes and was, perhaps, one of the more frightening drives of my life. Thankfully, my tires are new and felt steady on the road, but my windows would cover with snow, fog, and packed ice, more quickly than I could clear them.
Who knows what the week will bring, but at the end of this week it will be February and January will fade from memory. Hasta la vista, baby.


There's an awful lot of GOOD things in this post, most important of all is that you made it home safely. I hate those types of drives! I love that you've been going to the gym so much and I agree that it's so nice to go on non-work days because you can go when you want and really relax and enjoy your time there. Going before work just doesn't work for me but I know some people love that. Happy Anniversary again to you and Smith, I know that sushi was delicious and I know that you two are meant to be together! Here's to many more happy years!

Like Carole says . . . so many GOOD things! (Except the water in your basement. Ugh.) I, too, am ready to let January ride right into the sunset! Here's to a good week -- and an easy fix for the leak. XOXO

And, February is a short month, thankfully!! I'm so glad you got snow, but the rest of that stuff sucked. Again, congrats to you and Smith. Hope the damage is minimal and the repair quick.

Sounds like a very good weekend overall! Here's hoping the basement thing gets sorted out quickly and isn't too much hassle...

I hate drives like that. Glad you made it home safely! We had some sleet yesterday and then it switched to snow. Looks like it was probably 3-4" of snow. Fortunately I don't have to drive anywhere today!

Such a bummer about the basement. Hopefully the HOA will pay for the damages.

So sorry to hear about that drive! Here's to February - quick!

The drive...harrowing but what a trade off -- to live in the beauty of the mountains! Water leaks are a bummer--hope yours is resolved quickly. It was good to hear "no knitting was harmed". The important stuff is safe!

Wow... you had all the weather, didn't you?

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