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Treasures From Estonian Knitters

Last Saturday I let the best blogging opportunity pass by. It just goes to show I am not in my right (blogging state of) mind, if I can't remember to take pictures of such a unique event. I went to Nancy Bush's Estonia Winter Market at Black Sheep Wool Co. The sad part for you, and the lovely part for me, is I was totally in the moment. Seeing friends I hadn't seen in a very long time, bumping into other knitters I know, and sorting through the piles of hand knit treasure from Estonia, swept me away.

Not only am I going to show you the treasures I bought, but you can see Cheryl's treasures on her blog, too. First, let me show the lace and colorwork gloves that feel and smell like Estonia. Their rustic wooly feels authentic, substantial and warm. As luck would have it, the cuff is long enough to cover my wrist, an added benefit for warmth.


One of the benefits of arriving early was having the full selection of items to sort through, fondle, and peruse. I took full advantage and picked up everyone of the beautiful, elegant hand knit shawls. The shawls were knit with various yarns, some wooly and rustic, others soft and drapey, and all were knit in shades of white and cream.


The minute I touched the whitest shawl on the table it cast its spell on me. As she unfurled and showed her full measure, I gasped at the elegance of knitting. Her silken fabric left me undone. She never left my hands, she would not go back to her place amongst the other shawls, she clung to me, she felt alive. 


This piece of Estonian history, a shawl from Haapsalu, a traditionally knit shawl, of the Queen Silvia pattern, needed a good good home.


Beautiful shawl! Just look at all those nupps... Wow.

I can totally see why you enjoyed the moment and didn't think about photos! Your treasures are divine. And that white shawl . . . suits you perfectly. I'm so glad you were able to give it a good home!

The gloves are so pretty and that shawl is GORGEOUS! I'm so glad you treated yourself.

You are SO lucky. Exquisite things!

Nupps! And more nupps!
No wonder you couldn't let it go - it's gorgeous.

What beautiful gloves and the shawl is breathtaking, dear one. No one deserves that beauty knit by another than you. Happy Wednesday!!!

BTW: I LOVE the coat.

Just beautiful Margene! You wear them well!

Lovely shawl & gloves! Enjoy wearing your knitted treasures!

I know you'll give them a very, very good home. :)

Looks wonderful on you! Prettiest thing you didn't knit!

OMG! You lucky duck to be able to buy those. Gorgeous all of them and the shawl? **head desk**

Well played my dear, well played.

Obviously I'm loving the Queen Silvia shawl! I must find one...and then make everyone call me Queen.

Wow! What beauties! Thanks for sharing the experience. It sounds lovely!

As always I applaud your good taste Margene! You picked lovely pieces, and it's nice to read about your adventures in the market. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Oh, what a wonderful opportunity! You found the perfect things!!

I can see why you had to take that shawl home. She is wonderful and I know she will have a happy and good life with you. The gloves are lovely as well. I'm so glad you were able to find a couple of things to remind you of that day and keep you warm.

It's so wonderful that you were able to go home with that shawl. What a wonderful little piece of history.

I love that you were able to stay in the moment and bring home such warm, wonderful, beautiful pieces. Your choices are perfect! xoxo

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