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As I walked around my neighborhood and, as the leaves have left the bones of trees undressed, I've been able to spot what's usually carefully hidden away. The birds do a fine job of securing their homes into the joints and joins of branches and I've have had a good time seeking out the winter abandon nests.

This one is only about 12 ft off the ground and easy to spot now that the tree is leafless.

This is such a tiny nest and the only one I could find in this very tall tree (I used the zoom just so you could see this nest). I wonder if there are more homes hidden in crooks of branches and my eyes just can't find them.

Can you spot the nest in this picture? It's very large and has been in the tree for years and years. I wonder if it's used any longer?

This dear little nest is nestled in the tangled branches of a lilac bush! It's very near the sidewalk and can clearly be seen.  Hopefully no one will catch sight of it during the winter months and the little home will remain undisturbed.  (I'll know where to look, or just listen, for baby birds once spring comes.)


This tree, my favorite tree, could have been designed by  Edward Gorey or Tim Burton. I've searched through its dense growth quite carefully and, so far, have found nothing. Maybe I should take a pair of binoculars on my next walk and see if I can spot a hidden home. 


I love looking for nests at this time of year too. The last one looks like a messy robin's nest. It'll be interesting in the spring if it's original architect and builder returns or if it's repurposed by yet another.

I love finding bird nests in the winter branches, too, Margene! I think bird nests are such lovely works of art . . . and especially mixed in with bare-branch tree architecture. Thanks for sharing your "finds!"

Good for you for looking up! Last year we had a bird's next in our Christmas tree and everyone said it was good luck. The other night when we were selling trees, Dale reach for a tree to pick it up for someone and a bird came flying out right at him - guess he disturbed his home. Now the poor thing is homeless! As for Edward Gorey, next time you come out here we should visit his house. You will love it!

What a nice little walk with you. I always thought I was more than a bit strange because I check out the nests and the birds when the bud and I walk. Now, I realize it's normal!! There may be no nests in that wonderful tree because the branches are so fragile, or we may just not be able to see it. I will await your findings. Happy Wednesday!!!

You told Mom a story about a bird adding bits of thread to its nest and Mom told me...such a great story.

What a nice walk about Margene! And that last tree - so special. I picture it waving its limbs and speaking out as you pass by!

Love this photo series! Near work, last year's falling leaves revealed one of those bee hives that actually dangles from a branch like in Winnie-the-Pooh!

I love looking for nests at this time of year, too. It's easier to spot birds, too. We have a pretty good number of eagles, as well as many hawks and owls, in the area and they even sometimes hunt in my woods.

Isn't it amazing where birds build their nests? You've got some lovely ones in your neighborhood.

Nice nests. I love them and I'm always happy to find them but I've finally found one place that I'd prefer not to have them. My breezeway leading to my front door! Earlier this week my daughter left the front door open while she stepped out and a bird got in the house. Possibly from that nest or the nearby birdhouse. Not good at all.

I love seeing nature's framework gradually appearing during the autumn. My favourite views are often in the winter when you get to see things which are normally hidden by foliage for the rest of the year.

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