Winter Light
Memories of Christmas Past


You know that moment, the moment something hits you and you say, "oh no, not again!"? I have this thing, I'm not quite sure how or why, but it's a thing with me and I do it all the time.  I get into ruts. Ruts of color (extended periods of knitting with red, or blue, and now, it's neutrals), ruts of style (a year of sweaters, of socks, of shawls), and ruts of designers, (Kristen, Veera, Susan and now, Brooklyn Tweed). (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

First on my list of BT projects is Quill, a Jared Flood design inspired by his (and many a knitters) idol, Elizabeth Zimmermann. The second BT project is Breckon, which is from BT's Wool People 3, a designed by Amy Christoffers. Lastly, there is my little side trip into yet a third BT pattern, Fortnight. Yes, it is my foray into Christmas knitting.


A couple skeins of the soft and warm Shepherd's Wool (my fave!) have been languishing in my stash. I was very please when Smith consented to a row of a different color around the edge. The bit of gold sits nicely against the main color of brown.

Until purchasing the pattern I was unaware of the ear flap option. Jared uses short row shaping to create ear flaps and a neck covering at the back of the hat. The shaping is almost invisible, but it add that extra bit of warmth needed in the cold of winter.  The hat should be finished in plenty of time for Smith to wear on Christmas Day, but the only thing we really want for Christmas is snow (lots of it!). 


I think it's fine that you get into those knitting jags - it's a comfort zone and that's a good thing. Love Smith's new hat!

You have chosen well. All of those patterns are lovely!

Your knitting "ruts" are downright inspirational! Smith's new hat is perfect in every way. (And I'm with you on the wish for snow. Where has it gone???)

Is it a rut or is it a foray into hues? And, I noticed your stones are void of the white stuff. Happy Monday!!!!!!

We've had around a foot of snow since Saturday night. You can have it!

I can dig it! I definitely fall into ruts, become obsessed, whatever you'd like to call it!

I love Fortnight... looks like something Rusty would like, too. Hm.

I have a tendency towards those ruts too. That pattern looks really nice - I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

That is one lovely rut to be in! I really wan to knit Burr...just to enable a little bit there.

As I'm now domiciled in SLC, I do not want snow for my own selfish reasons. I so think it's super pretty on the mountains, but under my feet is just scary! I think you'll win this little contest though. I think it's coming!

Doing my best here to wish really hard for more snow.

That hat looks very good - you do photograph things nicely! And the pattern seems like the sort of thing that my husband would wear. It is getting colder here too, but nothing like the sort of cold that you have to deal with. Just about freezing right now, actually....

On a roll! A good one!

I definitely do the same thing, sometimes I knit flat out, sometimes quilt, sometimes spin...... Same with what I knit, who I knit, etc.

I'd prefer not to call it a rut though. So negative. How about.....hmmmm......Ultra focus. Or Super-inspired! ;)

BTW-Your lovely card arrived today. It was the best part of a day that included a Patriots win! That's how much I think of you. mwah!

We call them phases, love. Like the moon. They come and go and hopefully leave us better off than when they found us. Yours are certainly treating you well. xo

Well, a BT-rut is not the worst place to be. Their patterns are great. Love the hat pattern.

The yarn looks lovely! I've made an EZ pattern which is similar (the Maltese Fisherman's Cap) and the ear-flaps and back-neck shaping is rather elegantly done and does indeed keep the wearer (me) that little bit warmer.

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