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The song in this post has nothing to do with Dave Brubeck, unless you consider his overall contribution to jazz. My father listened to many different styles and genres of music and Dave Brubeck was his favorite jazz musician. The first time I saw Mr. Brubeck preform I took my father and we had a great time reliving, rehearing the tunes we knew so well. About 10 years ago Mr. Brubeck was in SLC to preform with his sons on his 81st birthday. It was such a joy to hear his soft tinkling of the keys, a change from the power of his younger days. He gave the music of his youth new impact. Dave Brubeck will be missed.

Herbie Hancock arranged this rendition of Joni Mitchell's song, The River, which is one of my favorites, no matter the season. More than one person on the radio has called it a Christmas song and it is played more frequently this time of year. Herbie and Joni, what a great jazz duo.


This is wonderful, Margene - I want to listen to it over and over.

Wow. That is a great version of the song. Thank you for sharing it!

I had the absurd good fortune to be the publicist for that album. Shortly after he won the Grammy for Album of the Year (a total upset -- Amy Winehouse was heavily favored to win), I stood next to Mr. H and his manager as he phoned Joni Mitchell to tell her the news. That was unquestionably the biggest "pinch me" moment of my professional life.

Dave Brubeck attended graduate school at Mills.

Herbie and Joanie. Cripes. Magic!!!!! And, yes. May Dave rest in peace. Thank you for sharing that treasured memory.

Thanks for sharing that memory with us.

Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing that clip! (Also my favorite Joni Mitchell song. . .) Dave Brubeck was a favorite here in Kalamazoo at the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival.

I used to have all of Joni's albums, and knew all the songs by heart - I "misplaced" them along the way, but have gotten a couple of the cd's. You can hear her life in her voice in this vid. I miss the clear tones she used to have, but value the journey she's had to get here!

Wonderful song - I'll have to see if I have it, and add it to the Christmas playlist.

And Dave was a fave...

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