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Winter Light

The large orb that brings us warmth will start its return in 13 days time.


Winter Solitide: in a world
of one color the sound of wind - Basho

The only Holiday decoration in the office is a simple string of white lights. The snow globe, a gift from Birdsong several years ago, is always on my desk. I consider it one of my treasures.


I love snow globes . . . and that one is particularly lovely. What a treasure!

That's a beautiful snow globe. We have wreaths at works but we aren't allowed to have lights in a public building - it's considered a fire hazard. So silly!

That is the most beautiful snow glove I have ever seen. What a beautiful gift for a most deserving friend. Happy Friday, dear!!!

Great snow globe! The first thing I thought of was how many photos I would have to take to get the snow falling. Shaking, focusing, snapping, shaking, focusing, snapping.....I'd go nuts!

Lovely snow globe!

So simple & lovely! Looking forward to the light making its way back.

Oh how I loved snow globes as a child. They were cheesier than that classy one you have, but they all take me back to when my age could be given with one hand. I might need to keep my eyes open for something elegant like yours.

That's a gorgeous snow globe!

I can see why!

Beautiful snow globe- a true one of a kind. Cracking up at Terry- I can soooo see her doing that. Lol.

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