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Bonus Day Sky

It's such a relief to have NaBloPoMo behind me.  I will do my best to post regularly, albeit not daily. 

Everyone says the same thing, "Where did the year go?" and I agree. How did I get to be this old?  Not wanting to live in the past, nor to wish for what is not, I work to stay in the now. The sky, as you know, fills my soul, gives me pause, and keeps me grounded.


Enjoy your weekend, friends.


I loved reading posts from you every day for the past month.

It as been wonderful seeing your posts more often. And yes, anything that keeps us in the moment is good. That is really hard to do.

Ditto, grrl.

Hope you and Smith enjoy yours, too. :)


I can't believe it's December. I enjoyed your posting during NaBloPoMo and look forward to reading more and whatever the pace (though I hope for fairly frequent). Happy weekend to you two!

I am so proud of you for making it the whole month. Prouder still that you have figured out something that so many people never understand. The now is all we really have.


About that sky, me too!
Must say I did enjoy the more frequent postings as well, thanks.

Beautiful sky. And it was wonderful to "read you" every day. Such a treat! Living in the moment is all we can do, really. One day at a time. XOXOXO

Not only did you complete NaBloPoMo, you did it well! I'm glad you plan to continue with regular posting. So very true. xoxo

Such a lovely sky as always! I am right there with you, living only in the moment and enjoying each and every moment that I am privileged to have. <3 you!

beautiful! how lucky you are to be greeted by such beauty in the morning.

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