Winter Homes
Year in Review: 2012

At This Moment

I am....


Watching . . .and hoping the gray skies will turn into a storm.

Reading . . . Sweet Tooth- so far, it isn't my favorite Ian McEwan, but I can only read in short snippets of time, which isn't helping.

Knitting . . . Breckon and Quill (I'll tell you more later).

Listening to . . . Morphine, Marley, Dylan, Decemberists, Peter Wolf, Nina Simone, etc…

Thinking about . . . tomorrow and the Estonian Market at Black Sheep. I think I need a new pair of gloves.

Dreading . . . the kitchen being torn apart for painting. Although, it may not be as bad as I think.

Humming . . . It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Planning . . .Christmas Day with friend--a movie and lunch.

Excited about . . . Dec 21st the longest night, as thereafter the days grow longer.

Drinking . . . Rye

Itching to . . . buy new towels (barn red!) for the newly painted powder room.

Needing to . . . plan next weeks dinner menu.

Organizing . . . well, thinking about organizing, the small pantry in my kitchen, as well as the large pantry in the basement.

Inspired by . . .Vicki and her commitment

Delighted by . . . Kym and her collection of birds.


So very busy and, yet, YOU can find time to post. I feel a bit ashamed. Maybe I need to step up, huh? Happy Friday, dear one!!!!!

Did you finally decide on a color for the kitchen? And what did you do with the downstairs powder room? You aren't supposed to change stuff, you know, I'm supposed to be able to picture everything as staying the same when I'm not there.

Oooooo! What color did you decide for the kitchen??? (And now, of course, I'm humming The End of the World As We Know It along with you!) Happy, busy weekend!

So exciting! I want to know what you've done in the powder room, too, and what's planned for the kitchen!!

Definitely looking forward to December 21...

Did you get your snow yet? We've had another hard frost and more rain talk. Did you get gloves? I'm starting to think about knitting a pair but we'll see. I have color issues right now. The kitchen won't be so bad. It's just a kitchen after all. ;^)

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