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Starting as Usual

And it Was a Merry One!

Look at that! It's a bluebird Christmas Day after a short blizzard and a very cold night. The snow was just what we'd ordered for Christmas.

We invited Cheryl and L to join us for brunch, but the menu was only partly successful. Smith's latkes and my chocolate cookies were delightful, but the bourbon toddies were a little frightful. We'd all prefer our whiskey neat, please.

If I could I'd insert a little drum roll here as I announce the winners of last weeks comment contest. brrruuummm   Kathy left the 65,000th comment! I've had to check that number every time I type it as I'm a little stunned by it. Nancy is the random comment winner. Thank you, dear readers for years of fun blogging. You make it all worthwhile. 


Oh, beautiful! I like my blizzards short.

Short blizzard = oxymoron? No matter. All snow near you is GOOD snow. From my perspective, of course.

Congratulations, ladies!

I'm so glad you had good weather conditions. It was a bit dark and weird here. Okay, it's always weird but you know what I mean.

Pretty sky. Snow in the mountains. It's a good thing. Those cookies look like killers and the bourbon toddies sound, unusual. I'm so glad you had a lovely day!

Congrats to the winners!

Your cookies look delicious. :) And the sky is lovely! We did have a lot of blue skies here, too. Nice.

That 65,000 number is truly astounding! And just think of all the friends your blog has brought to you.

Dinner was delightful, toddys and all!

Thank you, Margene! I always enjoy reading your blog!

The forecast says more snow for the Denver area...and I seem to remember hearing on the forecast that Utah is already getting pounded? if that is the case, I hope you, like us, feel happy about getting some badly needed moisture!

P.S. No such thing as bad toddies...or bad bourbon!

I can only imagine how good the latkes were! I'm so glad Kathy won, too. Congrats on your comment milestone.

Sounds like a lovely day all around! (I like my bourbon neat, too.) Congrats to your winners!

The cookies look delicious! And 65,000 -- that's an astonishing number! Woo hoo!

Two words.....Cookies.....yum!

That picture is just perfect! It is so beautiful and I love it!

Those cookies look so yummy!

Congrats to the comment winners and to you on your blogging accomplishments, Margene! xo

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