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Thoroughly Thrown Thursday


Knitting garter stitch can be meditative, as it brings into focus the simplicity, and elegance, of a knit stitch. Wrapping the yarn around the needle over and over can work to create anything. We are so fortunate to have this creative, useful and beautiful ability in our hands.


The center square of Chocolate Quill is growing and the exquisite fabric of alpaca and silk is soft, warm, and luxurious. It won't be too long before I can pick up stitches all around the edges and start the process of knitting lace.

The book is "On Canaan's Side", which is a reread for me.  Last year I recommended it to my book group and was surprised (and pleased) to see it on the list for this years schedule. I hope they like it as much as I did. Barry's writing tore at my heart strings and brought home to me the feelings of love, sorrow, and pain in Lily's long life.

Yarn Along with Ginny of Small Things.


Beautiful earthy color for your Quill. I have a hap shawl in my queue too. Looking forward to knitting it this winter once I get my other WIP's done.

Such a fabulous book! I loved reading it, and always look forward to your recommendations. It will make for an interesting book group discussion, I would think. (And I can SEE the luxury of that shawl all the way through my computer!)

Interesting book!

I love that rich, rich brown.

I need to list that book. And, OMG, your Quill looks downright luxurious! Happy Hump Day, grrlfriend!

What a rich, beautiful brown!

Oh lovely. What a gorgeous warm color.

The book sounds great. Can't wait until you get into the exciting bits of the shawl.

Oh, I bet that yarn feels scrumptious!

That yarn is SO pretty! And always love a book recommendation.

It can be such a meditative and simple thing. Yet, I find it also to be somewhat mind-numbing after a while. Yes, I've been going round and round for a while now. :p Will you see the picking up and lace as a reward or just another part of the journey? It is a wonderful color, btw.

There is nothing that I love more than mindless garter stitch....I could do this forever and smile each and every day. It soothes my heart and my mind and the color that you are using is exquisite!

Your book sounds exactly like something I would really enjoy....going to download now. :-)

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