Simple Sunday

Wild Women Unit

Thursday's temperature was a warm and windy 72, but Friday the day started with thunder and hail. Our golden fall was over, winter took over the landscape. Silent snow covered the garden while the garden goddesses frolicked through its cold white froth.


Deeper and deeper, softer and fluffier, the powdery snow fell. It wasn't long until the garden grrls were covered with winters white coat.


The grrls are perfect snow gauges! Hope you're staying warm and cozy . . . while you enjoy watching the snow fall down (and down!).

I'm so glad you got moisture. Hopefully, the mountains will remain covered and continue to grow their powdery beauty throughout the winter. We went from 80 to 30 in 24 hours. Ah, well, it is almost mid-November and it is time. Happy Monday, grrl!!

I kept seeing photos of the snowfall and all I could think was, Yay, maybe Suzy can ski this year!!

Glad you got your much needed snow! Even happier that ours melted. :-) Love your snow dressed grrls!

It's lovely and I know you need the snow. You can have it, though!

At least they don't feel the cold! The snow was definitely pretty. But I hope we don't have many more of those huge storms this winter.

Beautiful words Margene!

Love them!

Boy - you guys GOT snow! That's great - we needed more than the quick squall we got. Taos got a foot, but don't have anything but cold temps right now!

You're much more serene about the snow than I! It was 70 here Saturday and I woke to snow today. It's mostly gone now.

Oh, how I envy your snow. We went from balmy to COLD, but we lack the beauty of the snow. I'm glad you have it!

Holy crap!

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