I love pansies! Such happy little flowers. . . and hard workers, too! They bring joyful blooms when you least expect them.

Pansies are such sweet flowers!

I loves me an alliteration;-P The pansy is cool, too!

I love pansies! They are sweet and hardy little flowers.

Love love love!

They won't be too happy this weekend. Poor little things will be shivering in a blanket of snow.

I love pansies and their cheerful faces! They put up with a lot even snow.

We're just going to be getting to the season we can plant pansies and snapdragons. Don't hate. :)

This reminded me to water my Bluetifuls--thanks!

And it coordinates so well with your blog colors! :)

Pansies were my grandmother's favorite flower. She always liked having the flowers smile back at her from the flowerbed...

Can't believe you still have pansies!

So pretty. That little flower would be very sad here with the weather that we've been having.

So sweet. Enjoy them while you can, my dear.

It is not just the 'face' I like about pansies, but the infinite shades of colors you can find. I never know which plants to buy as they are all wonderfully subtle in their colors. sigh

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