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No Sweat(er)

Ah yes, a sweater.  The last sweater I knit was finished in April of 2011 and for some unknown reason, my knit resolve has been set on coast since then.  Knitting mojo has never gone far, but it had no substance, no drive.  I'm not quite convinced the more substantial resolve will stick around, but it I have been knitting a swatch, just in case.


It's just a swatch, but in the end it told some of the truths about its  potential. A good bath revealed I should have used a smaller needle size and knit a denser fabric. My desire for Breckon is strong and I will knit another swatch on a smaller needle. I'd love to use this yarn from a local grower, but if needed, I'll change patterns, or perhaps, buy the yarn called for in the pattern.  I intend to keep you on the front lines of sweater break news as it happens.


Ah. The truth of the gauge swatch! I love Breckon. It's going to be beautiful -- and worth the swatching and selecting.

It's been ages since I've knit a sweater but there isn't one in my future, at least not for a while. I was thinking that swatch looked a little loose, hoping going down a needle size will give you the right results.

I just took a look at the pattern, Breton, what a beautiful sweater. With the colder weather setting in, sweater mojo is striking here too. lol! So nice to wake up to a new post, Margene!

I hope you will be able to use that yarn. I think it would be stunning in that pattern. We'll just see, huh?

That is a beautiful sweater!! I may join you in making that one.

I'm sure you'll figure out the right sweater/yarn combo.

My sweater mojo is lacking. But, I could use some sweaters. Hmmm.

love Brockton, but I too am struggling with sweater mojo. I have a beautiful sportweight yarn that might work well for that pattern. Maybe for the first time in recorded history, I will actually do a "whole nine yards" swatch complete with washing, blocking, etc.

Gorgeous yarn - if nothing else, that's a damn fine-looking swatch. :)

That sweater will look super on you!

You can always think how much more focused than me you are on knitting! ;)

Ooooh, I love the sweater! Just think, if you have to purchase yarn to make it you will have TWO beautiful sweaters!

Oh-oh. I think you just started a run on Breckon patterns! That is one handsome sweater!

The journey of a sweater starts with a swatch. Or two. ;^)

Breckon is gorgeous!

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