Thursday Sweater Report
Bonus Day Sky


She's lovely! (though when I first read the post, I thought she was eight FEET tall, and I thought, what the heck can be 8 ft tall-i see the text before the pics)

Just GORGEOUS! So beautiful on a dreary winter day!

Vanessa rocks the flower world!!! Happy Friday and Happy end of November to you, Margene. I'll miss the daily posts!!!!!

Best amaryllis ever!

Lovely! Mine have just been started. Is Vanessa an Apple Blossom variety? I've one of those planted.

What lovely photos to wake up to! Thank you Margene for starting my day off in such a nice way!

Oh my goodness. She's the little amaryllis that could!! And so beautiful. ;)

That's fantastic!

Bloom on!

SO beautiful!! Flowers always make me smile....yours are so lovely!

Wow - what a winner she is!

Such a bonus! She knew you needed some extra color. :-) Beautiful.

Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

SO jealous! Last year I planted an amaryllis which was a complete wonder for growing fast. It seemed like it grew an inch every time you turned your back. But it NEVER bloomed. Not one bud!! Yours is beautiful!!

Beautiful. And so very festive. I really need to get on the holiday bandwagon... lagging behind this year.

Gorgeous!! And being short means she's less likely to tip over...

You've got a good girl there.

Love it!

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