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My Small Business Saturday was spent at the LBS because, it seemed silly to add to the stash, as I am such a slow knitter.  Don't get me wrong. I love yarn and I'll continue to buy yarn, but I really wanted a book or two of poetry. When I read about Mary Oliver's new book on NPR, I knew it was poetry that would touch my soul. Mary is one of the few poets whose books permanently reside on my poetry shelf. Her love of nature and her gentle words read like little prayers.


Quill continues to grow at a slow pace, but since I decided to be loyal for a few days, good progress has been made.  Markers are a must when knitting an old shale pattern, or feather and fan. I'm on row 8 of 52, rows that grow longer. The rhythm of the pattern is now in my mind and it's easier to keep the beat.

Poetry is not on everyone's reading list and I'd like to know if you, dear reader, enjoy poetry, and if you have a favorite poet. Is poetry a part of literature you skip over and ignore.  Poetry flows in and out of my life, it's not something I read daily (usually). I am looking for easy to read, easy to absorb poetry. Have you a favorite?

Knitting and Reading with Small Things, a gentle poetically written blog by Ginny.


I do read poetry, Margene. I don't have many poetry volumes in my personal library, but I tend to sit and read poetry in short bursts at either the library or various bookstores. I also find myself visiting the Poetry Foundation website quite often. They have a lovely selection of poems online -- arranged by author and topic.

I love Mary Oliver's poems. So peaceful and connected.

I don't often read poetry, but do love Mary Olivery. Her poem "Peonies" just kills me.

I do like poetry, but my favorites are William Blake and Dylan Thomas. Sometimes, though, prose feels like poetry to me, like William Faulkner. I'm going to miss your daily posts, dear friend. This has been a nice chance to learn more about you! Happy Wednesday!!!!

I, too, often visit Poetry Foundation (like Kym). Oh, and I like that today's word (above) is "Tiger" -- don't you :D

When I was a girl, my Grandfather read me poetry (and other literature) instead of children's books, so I enjoy a variety of poets. In addition to Mary Oliver, some of my favorites are Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Longfellow, & John Donne.

In addition to those already mentioned, I'll suggest Elizabeth Bishop, Marge Piercy, Richard Wilbur, Donald Hall, Mark Doty, Billy Collins, Emily Dickinson, Marianne Moore, Nikki Giovanni, and Theodore Roethke.

If you're looking for new poets, Garrison Keillor's radio snippet/podcast, "The Writer's Almanac," always ends with a poem, often contemporary.

Sadly, I read very little poetry. I've been trying to get back to reading though and thanks to you and Kym I've got two excellent lists to refer to! Currently reading Girl Gone.

Gone Girl! :-)

I don't read much poetry. It seems as though I read less and less! That is not good.

I spent my Small Business Saturday credit across the street at Tony Caputo's!

Langston Hughes

I'm afraid I'm not much of a poetry reader. I think I'm too "Type A" for it - I just want to skim along and get to the point, I don't want to linger over words and phrases. I'm sure it's a character flaw.

I'm a bit of a philistine. Langston Hughes, probably. Ogden Nash, absolutely. All else... who? What can I say, I can read a novel from cover to cover in nothing flat. I am glad there are both kinds and so many other ways for us all to enjoy each other's thoughts and imaginings though.

I'm not much for poetry, but I do have a few favorites by Pablo Neruda and someone else whose name I can't recall at the moment...

Not everyone believes it, but there really is a life beyond yarn. ;^)

I love reading poetry but do it so rarely. My favorites are Marilyn Hacker, Robert Frost, and Richard Wilbur.

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