The End is a New Beginning

I Got Lured

I got lured. Carole started it, then Kym got in on the act. Peer pressure got to me and the idea of knitting along with friends took hold, lassoed me in. That's my story. I'm sticking to it. I was lured.


There was no set off date for our autumnal Leftie KAL, but as often happens with like minds, we started knitting within days of each other. I have no doubt Carole and Kym are moving along at a much faster rate, because I have been lured by other things (perhaps that sweater I mentioned).

I also been lured by the idea of warm hands. I like Ragtops.


I do, I do, I do, I DO! Maybe I'm silly, but this new pair of mitts has put a smile on my face.  This past week the weather was warm and delicious, but today it should take a turn toward the chilly. I am well prepared.


Shepherd's Wool Worsted is as soft as cashmere, warm and cozy, as well as nice to knit. Susan was really onto something when she designed this winter necessity. Pulling the ribbing up over the fingers protects them from the cold, but it's easy to fold down if the fingers are needed. 


I love my RagTops, and need to make another pair, as I've nearly worn mine out.

And . . . Women don't get lured. We are too strong and powerful to be lured. We must accept full responsibility for our actions. :-)

Can't wait to hear about the sweater!

Love Leftie. Such beautiful colors! And, those RagTops are pretty and look so warm!!!!

Oh my....I love those mitts!!

I have two pair of Ragtops, but both in the same rather bright yarn! I love your beautiful gray mitts! Hm. A new pair of Ragtops might be a good travel project to pull together. I am inspired! ;)

You're Oliver Twist no more!

That looks like a great shawlette pattern!

On the fingerless glove front, I wish I had chosen a more mindless pattern for the pair I owe my Mom from last year. I'm hoping to finish them on my next business trip.

I'm trying REALLY hard not to be lured. I still have Color Affliction to finish! Perhaps when all this autumnal and baby duck craziness stops.
I like the idea of the Ragtops since I hate having my fingers confined. I may have to start picking out the perfect yarn.

Lovely Leftie and mitts too. I have two lefties on the needles right now, one that went back to the yarn state after being almost all done and one that was already gifted to my sister. My repetitive knitting syndrome at its best!

The ragtops are lovely, Margene. How many skeins of Shepherd's Wool do they take? I looked at the Rav page for the mitts but it doesn't give any yardage requirement. Thanks!

I'm doing a Leftie too. Loved it the minute I saw it. I got to about 85% through and ran out of the main colour, so back to the spinning wheel for me!

What a delightfully autumnal colorway! :)

And yay for mitts!

Goegeous colors. I really like that pattern and I can't wait to see yours finished.

Day one of NaBloPoMo!?

I'm starting some Ragtops tonight, thanks to you. They look great!

Of course, you were lured! We all know about those two! ;^)

Lovely mitts!

Love the Ragtops in Shepherd's Wool. i might take the pattern with me on my next plane trip.

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