Thoroughly Thrown Thursday


It took several tries to gt the hang of knitting the leafy edge of Autumn Leftie.  I learned quite quickly great attention must be paid to how the leaf is formed, to not do too many wrap & turn rows, and to not over think. Several leaves were knit multiple times, as I tried to etch the pattern into my brain.  My first mistake was trying to learn a new pattern while visiting with friends and somehow, an extra short row would throw the whole leaf off. After knitting half a dozen, or so, leaves I think I'm into a rhythm and moving forward.


Leaves of many colors and shapes fly past my window on this warm and blustery fall day. Change is in the air, as a winter storm is on our doorstep. The promise is for snow and I pray the snow gods will fill the mountains with large deposits of their white fluffiness. With last years dry winter, and a summer of little rain, we are in sore need.


Let it snow! :-) It took me a while to get into the rhythm of the Leftie-leaves as well, but now that I've got it, I'm just charmed!

Leftie is looking great and now that you've got the leaf section down it will go easier for you. Of course, those rows start to get really long soon and that has definitely slowed me down some. I think the colors of your Leftie look like a Thanksgiving turkey decoration!

Nice Leftie! Interesting how the kits you grrls got have you changing the background color rather than the leaves. A cool varaiation. I agree with Carole- very Thanksgiving turkey looking. We got our snow yesterday and thank God it's melting. Too early for us here. Hope you get a bunch.

I love the leaves!

Pretty colors!

Lovely colors. We're having a wet & rainy weekend, and then it's gonna get cold... maybe snow? It's autumn's last gasp!

Lovely colors and I like the changing color in the body instead of the leaves.

My trick for the leaves is to check that I have 7 garter ridges in the leaf before I finish its last row...

What a loverly little wrap. Perfect for this time of year. So easy to be enchanted by the pretty colors. Hugs and happy Friday, dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think patterns like that always take a bit of time. I'm sure it will feel natural by the time you're done.

I love watching your Leftie come to life. I looked at kits for those at SAFF, and hoped I would see many people knitting them. xo

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