Quiet Sunday
Friday at the Lake

A Full Weekend

The weekend was long and luxurious (as yours likely was too)
Sorry this is a short report, but I was a bit busy enjoying my weekend.
You'll never guess what we did (picture is a clue)
Do you know? (you get one guess)
The weekend was full of walking,
great reads (see my side bar),
good eating (mostly Paleo style, if I had to give it a name-it is GF after all),
bird watching (nothing out of the ordinary spotted).
and even a little knitting (there is slight progress to report).

with Amanda


ice fishing?

We did a mostly gf t-day, and it was very nom!

Sounds like a perfect weekend! (Lovely, too!)

Did you snowshoe? Cross country ski? Or just hike? Looks gorgeous whatever the case.

Silver Lake for brunch? It was a wonderful weekend and I'm ready to do it again!

I'm going with brunch. :)

So happy to see the word paleo on a knitting blog! Thanksgiving dinner is still plenty tasty without the stuffing, rolls, and pie crust. :)

Somehow, I don't think it was ice skating. I'm glad your long weekend was wonderful. Having the extra time to relax is helping me get back into the swing of things. I still wish it were the weekend, but additional time spent resting has added a little bit to my reserves. xo

Sounds lovely.

Snow angels? :D

I'm so glad you had a lovely long weekend, sweetie.

Snowshoe is my guess.

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