Awwww - looks like a wonderful time. I just LOVE those blue sky pictures. They're so refreshing. I can almost feel the cool crisp air. *HUGS* and thanks for passing on the joy.

Awesome photos capturing an awesome time!

It was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you, Margene!

Looks like a blast and the weather held. Yay!!!! Now, go rest up, grrl!

So many smiles!

And a good time was had by all!
Love that photo of Kym with her orange accessories against the bright colors of the flowers.

Hope you ate something yummy at the Lion House.

Aw, these make me smile. And... I see that I was *with* you, after all!!

Good friends, gorgeous weather - looks like you're having a wonderful time!


Yay! It makes me smile to see you all enjoying your time together!

Perfect. Who needs words with smiles like those!

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