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In The Garden

This weekend was a gift of the season with its warm days and beautiful displays of light throughout. The garden was the place to be as the brown had turned to golden and the sky put on a full time show.


The gardeners came together to put on a Harvest Fair. The children carved pumpkins into jacko'lanterns to keep the hobgoblins at bay.

Pumkin carve

Johnny Appleseed came to tell his story and, I'm here to tell you, he can tell a tale.

The bonfire warmed, mesmerized and calmed us while the best days of fall slipped away.

The garden has at last been put to sleep, the last of the events is finished, and now we wait for the first signs of spring and a new chance to grow and care for next seasons harvest.

Oh yes, is the weekend my favorite part of the week.
Weekending with Amanda


What a wonderful way to end the gardening season! I'm so glad the weather cooperated with the festivities. Happy fall!

What a lovely closure!

Sounds like a grand day! I need to put my garden to bed and make a few trips to the composting area with garden trash. Maybe tomorrow.

I bet that was a really fun day.

Gorgeous sky photo!
This week is definitely the end of the outdoor gardens.

We can put away the lawn mower here in England too. Time to get down to some serious knitting!

We had a nice weekend, too, and I kept meaning to get outside and do the last of the clean-up... looks like we're going to see something near 70F on Wednesday, though, and what do you know? That's my day off!

I love this time of year -- that festival looks like so much fun! I only wish it lasted a bit longer. Let's hope for an easy glide through winter. ;)

I tried to make the most of this weekend, too, since it might be the last warm one.

There is something so comforting about the change of seasons. Your change seems especially apt, dear friend.

What a wonderful way to put a garden to rest and over the long winter....beautiful!

How wonderful!

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